Extra Extra! Christmas Edition

This just in!

Jesus is no longer too cool for school

and he loves artists and Asians too!

What a pencil we have in Jesus!


X. Dell said...

Lemme get this straight. Is this something that adults give little kids in order to get them to respect Christ? By rubbing off His head little by little? By using Him as a projectile in eraser fights?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I want Jesus to brush my teeth!

Actually I found some pretty sweet Jesus tattoos that I posted if you want to add to your Jesus collection - not to be a shameless self-promoter or anything.

Dale said...

No, that's something an adult gives an adult to make him laugh X. Dell. It goes along with the Jesus action figure that was a gift last year X. Dell.

And if you're going to have a fight, who better than Jesus to go flying through the air in your name?

Excellent Barbara, I'll be right over. I love a good shameless self promotion but you know that already!

Joe said...

Dale, thank you for giving me a fine idea for next year's thoughtful stocking stuffer.

Are you, by any chance, a fan of Archie McPhee? I think they have a fine selection of Jesubilia.

Coaster Punchman said...

Poor George will be glad to know of Jesus's love for him.

Moderator said...

Keep an eye out for a package of those I sent you in the mail.

Old Lady said...

Oh Christ, what next?

Johnny Yen said...

My wife got mad at my son on Christmas Eve for using our Jesus Action Figure as his rubber-band-shooting target. She thought it was disrespectful. I pointed out:

1. Didn't she think that the Jesus Action Figure was itself pretty disrespectful?
2. At least he wasn't using the cats as targets, like my brothers and I did when we were kids.

bubs (and any other Chicago/Chicago-area folks)- have you ever been to Uncle Fun's, near Belmont and Southport? It's the guy who used to own the legendary Goodie's. Our house has been filled with Jesus items, in addition to giant toothbrushes, Peewee Herman items, various bobbleheads, Elvis memorablia, fake throw-up, nunzilla, the boxing rabbi, the boxing Mr. T, and various and sundry other irreverent stuff. Some of it has even been stuff our kids have purchased.

Knitty Yas said...

stop trying to make me snort cocoa outta my nose.


so whatcha get me for xmas??? huh ?? huh??? !!!

Jay said...

Man, now the Rowdy Roddy Piper butt plug I got in my stocking seems somewhat less cool.

Chancelucky said...

Is this just something that goes on top of your pencil or does it work as an eraser?
Would be cool way to erase one's writing sins.

Tumuli said...

Somehow, I enjoy this better than the holy bobblehead.

Old Lady said...

I don't get out enough.

wonderturtle said...

With Jesus pencil-toppers on your pencils, YOU NEVER HAVE TO SHARPEN THEM!

James said...

HA!!!! What a Pencil in Jesus We Have. Classic!

By the way, Jesus loves me....but he hates you!

Merry X-Mas. Have a happy new year, too!

justacoolcat said...

Looks like a boy band to me.

Dale said...

I'll have to look up Archie McPhee as I haven't heard of him Bubs. But please know that I'm trying now to work the word Jesubilia into conversation.

That's at least 2 - 3 people now CP! George is lucky!

You can never really have too many toppers Grant so I'll wait.

Christ on a crayon maybe Old Lady?

Jesus loves you for the lessons you teach Johnny Yen. And the store sounds very cool.

It's Jesus' fault Yas, don't blame me. You got my good wishes for Xmas, isn't that enough?!

Ouch Blog Portland. Does it come with a little recording of Rowdy Roddy singing I'm In You ?

I hope you're patenting that idea Chancelucky -- brilliant! HE just sits up there from what I can tell, I'm scared to open the package.

Jesus knew you would Tumuli, that's why he sent you here.

He still loves you Old Lady.

Excellent point Wonderturtle. Point, get it?

That may very well be James. Happy Everything!

I wonder if they'll be SUPERSTARs Jacc?

Writeprocrastinator said...

What a pencil we have in Jesus

We should rerecord that into "Spirit in the Sky." But I don't understand, why an eraser? Jesus doesn't make mistakes.

Not to mention if you used it, wouldn't it be blasphemous?

chelene said...

For some reason I think Jesus would go better with highlighters.

mellowlee said...

I need me some of those Jesuses *G*
I hope your holiday is going well Dale!!!

Berry said...

It's no wonder he's surrendering, what with all the pencils being shoved up his back-side.

Katie Schwartz said...

jesus pencil toppers. WOW. um, dale, you sent me a box, right?

Cup said...

I guess it's hard to cheat when Jesus is looking over your test.

You went Beta?

Molecular Turtle said...

If you enjoyed that one, you should check out the action figure with karate chop action!

Dale said...

Did you mean Spirit In This Guy WP? I'm thinking that there should be a disclaimer too -- Holding this pencil may give you spirit fingers!

If they're the kind that make you high from smelling them, I'm all for Jesus highlighters Chelene.

All's well Mel. Everyone needs Jesus in this form. I'd like to see someone use them on chopsticks, I bet it looks like Jesus is putting the smackdown on himself.

He won't give up on you Berry. Just on looking dignified at the top of a pencil.

I could Katie but I'd need a list of things you're planning on doing with them first.

Division would be a snap with Jesus on your side wouldn't it Beth. Word problems, loaves, fishes, you know. I was tricked into the Beta Beth but it's not so bad.

See the title of my next post WTurtle. Hiii-ya!

Katie Schwartz said...

hi daelish:

regarding what I will do with the jesus pencil toppers, I'd like to shove them up my flange, along with a manger and have a nativity in my womb.

is that ok?

Dale said...

The box for your box is on the way Katie Schwartz. I admire your devotion.

Katie Schwartz said...

daleish, YOU ARE SO FUNNY. I adore you, child.

Dale said...

Come and adore him, born the Daleish of ages.....