St. Peter, Jesus and The Sloganizer

Peter over at Daydream Hallucination posted hilariously about a fun new product called Sloganizer.

You can read his post here and then go make your own fun here.

Now that I know Jesus loves Passion of the Dale, I feel pretty damned good.


Katie Schwartz said...

oh daleish, jesus does love you. he stopped by this morning. we had face time over coffee and danish. that jesus is so thoughtful. he loves you hard. literally and figuratively. if you're ever having difficulty reaching him, we're super tight. I'm happy to send him a missive on your behalf, just let me know.

X. Dell said...

I put in the title of my page, and it spat back, "The X-Spot. Making people sucessful in a changing world."

You know, I'd like to think so. But if we were forced to adhere to even the slightest movement towards truth in advertising, I would have to change it to read, "The X-Spot. This guy needs medicine."

mellowlee said...

"With a name like Mellow Like Jello, it has to be good."
Hmm, that's pretty funky Dale, thanks :)

Mob said...

I was happiest with Feel the magic of Dear Bastards...

Funny stuff.

Joe said...

Bubs: Be ready.

Oh yeah.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Have a break - have a Bad Tempered Zombie.

Yes! Now that's what I'm talking about.

chelene said...

Be young, have fun, taste Chelene.


jin said...

LOL...top 3:

The magic of jin.
Once jin, always jin.
jin - play it!

lulu said...

Ooh la la, lulu.


Dale said...

I suspected as much Katie but you know, he hardly ever calls. If I need him, I'll go through you for sure.

I love your own take on that X. Dell. The first one's true but yours is that much funnier.

We know it's good Lee. Even computer programs have you figgered out.

Magic's better than say, feel the goiters of Dear Bastards Mob.

How much more perfectly could that have gone Bubs?

Break me off a piece of that Bad Tempered Zombie Barbara!

Saucy Chelene, would I have expected any less?

Jin and tonic. Nothing? Not even top 10?

It knows Lulu, it knows!

Maia said...

Alright, so he loves you. Not me, but you. FINE!

So I played around with the sloganizer a bit and got:
"The secret of Raccoons."
"Geeti - Yabba Dabba Duh!"
And "The Third World is good for you."

Maia said...

Also, thought you might like the Surrealist Compliment Generator, if you haven't encountered it already:

Ben Heller said...

I tried it, and I like it.

"Alan McNulty is a dry bender"

was my best.

Anonymous said...

You've seen mine already. Thanks for the mention Dale. =)

Berry said...

"Berry... whatever you want."

That's all I'm askin'.

Cup said...

Shall we start calling you Passion of the Dale-Jesus?

Coaster Punchman said...

It's not a dream. Coaster Punchman is real!

Thanks, that was fun!

Jill said...

Now, that is something I can have fun with!! Since I'm bored, waiting to take new picture of you Dale, I insered a couple a word in it. Here what it came out with:
-Keep going well, keep going condom
-I trust Jill
-Share moments, share tequila
-Be young, have fun, taste vodka
-There's a bit of Jill in all of us
-Jill is better than chocolat
Yes, I am really bored lately!!

Anonymous said...

I got "One name. One legend."

Have you ever heard ANYTHING else that made so much sense? E-v-e-r?

BTW, if Katie lets you down in the Jesus area, let me know. He revealed some secrets of the universe to me tonight, which unfortunately I cannot share with you or anyone else. Most importantly, however, He said He loves you, but thinks you have "issues." Hmmm. "Issues"--a direct quote... :)

Anonymous said...

It's alright, it's okay, there's something to live for...

Jesus told me so!

Dale said...

Those weren't bad but I'm making up my own for you - Geeti My Geeti!
And I tried the surrealist comment generator and it was about you! -- Your eyelids refract the turgid limnations of an eel trapped in flickering cinematographic paralysis.

I should know who Alan McNulty is Ben but I don't. Does that make me a dry bender?

Yes I have Peter, so to speak. :-)

Anything but the Amazing Race right Berry?

You Beth, may call me anything. Nearly anything. Dale. Just Dale.

I'm nearly convinced of it Coaster Punchman!

Are you really better than chocolate Jill? Because that's pretty important to know.

One Zed to rule the Z'z, is that it? Next to Jesus, you have the most power I think Zed.

You the man Angela. Mangela - just be glad it didn't call you mangela.

Jill said...

Some stuff you have to try by yourself!!