Friday - Random Notes

It's time once again for a stroll through the random world of my iPod's brain.

I want to know why all the cool songs hide whenever anyone comes over to visit and only the Hungarian punk polkas and experimental screaming get through though.

1 I'm Your Villain - Franz Ferdinand me like tempo changes

2 Alone Again Or - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs thanks again MJ!

3 This Love - Maroon 5 you all knew I was a bit of a maroon right?

4 Supervixen - Garbage bow down to me? Anything for you Shirley

5 Ohio - Neil Young should have been done long ago

6 Knock A Door Run - Arctic Monkeys cause all the time you're talkin' at me

7 Fire on Babylon - Sinead O'Connor I love the absolute intensity here

8 I Need A Man - Eurythmics is there anything better than crazy Annie?

9 Hey Ya - Outkast shake it like a pop hop polaroid

10 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins I don't really care if they get back together, is that so wrong?


Joe said...

How do Annie and Sinead get along on the same playlist?

Anonymous said...

When I see your ipod list - I feel so inadequate because mine is so not cool. Is it because my daughter loads mine and she gives me what she thinks I should have- anything from Kanye's Workout Plan to Leonard Cohen?

Anonymous said...

your always so eclectic. :)

Anonymous said...

Is the Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs collaboration a cover of the old Love song? The Damned also did a pretty good cover of it.

I must have seen the Smashing Pumpkins a half dozen times-- the Caberet Metro had 3 bands for 5 bucks on Wednesdays back in the day. They were always playing those nights.

Cup said...

How's that Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs album?

SlayGirl said...

Like your list Dale. I haven't heard some of them but I attribute that to my need to get out of the house more. I'd LOVE to here that garbage tune and yeah, crazed Annie rocks.

Btw, did somebody say Hoff?

Anonymous said...

Sandra, if your daughter is loading Leonard Cohen, you've raised her right.

Anonymous said...

There's not a thing wrong with Leonard Cohen.

The Smaching Pumpkins were killer for a while. Their heroin addict drummer was a monster. Still, I would just as soon stick to listening to the old albums.

Maia said...

Dale. this may be one of your best lists ever. I say 'may' because I'm new around here. Love that Love cover...Susanna Hoffs has the sexiest angsty voice.

Give me some sugar, I *am* your neighbour!

larry h. said...

I did not know Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (mmmm, Bangles) did a classic from The Damned. I'm intrigued.

Jill said...

Wow, I actually know some songs!! That rare!!
You have just get an instant 5 years younger!!!

lulu said...

I remember the old 5 buck Wednesdays at the Metro. It got to the point where we wouldn't go if the Pumpkins were playing because we had seen them so many times.

Coaster Punchman said...

Dale, in other news I now own Jane Siberry's (aka Issa) CD entitled "Bound by the Beauty." Tower Records was going out of business so everything was 60% off. If my cell phone hadn't already died I would have called all of you asking what you wanted for Christmas. Tant pis.

Anyway, it was the only Jane/Issa they had, but I really like it. It has that "Hockey" song that everyone seems so gaga about although it is clearly not the best song on the album. "Everything Reminds Me of My Dog" is. Git along, git along little doggie...

I might even get a dog now.


Dale said...

They seem to be fine together so far Bubs but if anything breaks out, can I call you?

Ben, one of us has misread something. But it's still a good list!

She's on the right track it sounds like Sandra. We should sync them up sometime and see what happens.

I'll take it Yasamin. Shake it!

It is indeed Johnny. It's pretty good actually. Cool on the Pumpkins gigs too.

It's decent listening Beth. Kind of sweet and jangly and fun.

Very funny Slaygirl. No Hoff here but a little Hoffs, that's a whole 'nother thing.

Apart from poor Leonard being broke, nothing else wrong with him Peter.

That may be one of your best comments ever Geeti but we'll have to wait and evaluate them all eventually! Susanna does have the sexy thing down pat.

Check it out Larry H., it's a nice little album.

I knew eventually you'd find something you liked Jill. I don't want to be 5 years younger though, haha, I'm fine right here.

Pretty cool Lulu, sounds like you've had a really fun musical education.

Good news for you then CP! I like the whole cd and neither of the songs you mentioned is the best on it but they've both got their charms. I'm going to make you a Jane anthology cd one of these days.

X. Dell said...

You have good taste...provided you actually listen to that.

Anonymous said...

Lulu-- they used to put tickets out for their shows on the bar at the Gingerman-- people would pick them up and say "Oh, the Pumpkins again," and put them back. Who knew they'd get so big. I wish 11th Dream Day had had half their success. They were the cat's meow.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You've got the hipster thing happening here with that list. I'll bet you're wearing a hoodie over a newsboy cap, aren't you?

Dale said...

It's okay to doubt me X. Dell. Apart from the Arctic Monkeys, I'm very well acquainted with everything else on the list. I've got a bunch of A.M. but not much of it has spent time with me.

11th Dream Day? So many people don't get the breaks that maybe they should.

Picture a 42 year old schlub in pyjama pants and a ratty tshirt with big dark circles under his eyes and that's as hipster as I get right now Barbara. Stop being nice.

Melinda June said...

Good list, but even more excited about the Hungarian punk polka. Punk Polka is one of my favourite genres. Seriously. Blitzkreig Over Kenosha played about three songs ago.

I also like punk klezmer.

Dale said...

I figured someone would pony up with the punk Melinda June and I'm glad it was you.

Tumuli said...

If you think the song is intense, watch the "Fire on Babylon" video.

I don't really care that SP reunited, either. Return me to "Siamese Dream" any day.

Dale said...

I think I've seen it Tumuli but I'll have to look it up again. Thanks for the Pumpkins solidarity. Your taste is unerring.