Until You Improve Your Business Acumen

PJ? You know how that business you opened a while back down the street from me that never seemed to really take off? I pass by all the time and try to think of ways to help you. I've finally hit on it. Try adding an 'S' to your sign and things might just pick up.

The sign reads PJ's Used Car.

In other news, last weekend, two of the major highways were closed for a charity cycling / rollerblading event. The proud corporate sponsor of the 'Ride For Heart' was Becel (pronounced Baycell). The local AM radio announcer read it over the air as the Beckell Ride For Heart.

It's the little things that make it all worthwhile.


Cup said...

Maybe PJ really has just one car.

I love word-garbling on the radio. One of our major drags in Midtown is Ponce de Leon Avenue. We Southerners, however, do not use that snotty Spanish pronounciation. Instead, we say: Ponce duh Lee-uhn. Our Houston County is pronounced How-stuhn. And you should hear what we do to Lafayette.

Johnny Yen said...

Hey, if you can't belittle other peoples' mistakes, what is there, really, in life?

Joe said...

Maybe if PJ's one car had been nice he'd still be in business.

I know what you mean about acumen--I walked past a place that's about to open the other day, a little deli, and it's called "Urban Harvest" I'll never eat there, because all I think of is Children of the Corn III

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hrumph, since those with much quicker minds and more nimble fingers have already asked the question about the number of car(s) that PJ actually has, I have nothing left to add. But can you actually confirm more than one vehicle?

deadspot said...

Illinois has a town named San Jose that is pronounced, and I am not making this up, "San Joes".

Cairo, IL, is pronounced "Kay-row", New Berlin is, as best as I can make out, "New Burr-luhn", and somehow they've managed to mangle the Embarras River into the "Am Bra".

The locals also pronounce Illinois as "Ill Annoy" instead of "Illy-nwah" as the French probably intended.

Apparently, the early settlers had read about other places, but never actually heard of them.

deadspot said...

And, shhhhhh...

If he sells that car, he's out of business.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh yeah, Deadspot reminded me - Delhi, Ontario - pronounced Del-high.

Zed said...

Poor PJ's going to have to take the bus if that car is ever sold out from under him. Sad.

X. Dell said...

You'd think that if PJ only had one used car he would have sold it by now.

You say Bacel, they say Beckel; let's call the whole thing off.

Dale said...

I'd love to hear all those things pronounced Beth, you should be audio blogging!

It helps me avoid self reflection Johnny Yen and that could be healthy for all of us!

Poor PJ, I'm worried that as Beth said, maybe it is just the one car Bubs. I bet that deli's run by creepy children isn't it?

I cannot confirm at this time Barbara but will endeavour to ascertain the true number of vehicles out front. Each time I whiz by, I just laugh and keep going.

Deadspot, I love the phonetics and will pass them on to PJ while he's busy not selling! And that's hilarious, I guess they had read only access at the time. We've got some crazy place names here and butchering to go with them. Try not saying it as it looks when you see Etobicoke. They pronounce it Ah-tobe-i-co. In Quebec, there's a St. Louis de Ha Ha but that's easy enough to say and laugh at. Lots of Indian and French names everywhere too that people seem to have their own take on.

Del-high? Nice one Barbara.

The bus runs right by his place Zed so he may have already had the same idea. In fact, his place looks kind of deserted, maybe he is on the bus.

The whole thing is off, Becel's margarine X. Dell and I prefer butter. Makes me think of Parkay floors. Okay, that was bad.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Try adding an 'S' to your sign and things might just pick up."

Daffy Duck: I'm shh-thick of essesth, we ss-hould do away with essesth!

Katie Schwartz said...

that's funny... I love professional fuck ups.

I know I'm bombarding your blog with fuck right now. I hope you won't hold it against me.

Dale said...

Poor Daffy, he'th one thad thpethimen ithn't he, WP?

No fucking way Katie, let it rip. I love them too.

Old Lady said...

Or French Beth, or French. We have a street called DeRenne Avenue and wooo whoo! DeeRain comes out. Of course, the British accent comes into play with the older historical names, but what really suprises me is that Cairo is pronounced the same way in Illinois as it is in Georgia, like the syrup!!(according to Dead Spot)

Dale said...

Maybe they should phonetically spell the place names out for us Old Lady!