Do You Believe in Dog?

Easter Sunday 2009, 5th Avenue

When I wasn't on the lookout for new pet photos, my New York agenda dictated that I cram three plays into two days and as much food into me as possible. I stuck the landing on both counts.

Since there's nobody left to investigate in Cabot Cove, I decided to see what Angela Lansbury was up to. It turns out she's been treading the boards in Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit, alongside Rupert Everett, Christine Ebersole, Jayne Atkinson and none other than Jerri Blank's mother! I feel lucky to have gotten to see this production and hear such crackling well written dialogue delivered with great comic timing by a bunch of pros.

My pre-show scan of the crowd for celebrity types paid off too. Looking past the plastic surgeried folk, I quickly spied MySpace and film icon Mr. Kirk Douglas (when you're that old, I call you Mister!) which was a treat. Sitting in the row ahead of me was Dan Ackroyd and his wife which also was pretty cool. My general rule is that I don't talk to or otherwise engage celebrities but I do enjoy staring until they become mildly uncomfortable.

The only celebrities at the next show I saw, God of Carnage, were up on stage - James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Hope Davis and Jeff Daniels. All made memorable turns in the funniest show I've seen in my memory. In the play, two couples who don't know each other well get together to discuss their warring children. Things start with an air of civility that's quickly doffed in favour of a good old fashioned sandbox dustup complete with name calling and shifting allegiances.

Mary Stuart was the third play I took in and in an interesting casting tidbit, Janet McTeer was one of the stars of God of Carnage when it was in London (one of the many interesting facts learned from SOB). Ms. McTeer plays Mary, Queen of Scots to Harriet Walter's Elizabeth in a brilliant slice of revisionist history. Act Two opens with a rainstorm that seemed to excite everyone, the first time I can remember water drawing a round of applause. Perhaps I don't they don't get out much.

Not starring in the play but in her own drama in the audience was none other than Mr. Kathleen Turner (when you're that old, I call you Mister!). Prior to the start of the proceedings, she tossed her hair to and fro and looked around several times. Yes Miss Turner, we certainly do see you. At the curtain call, she was the first to spring up from her seat and wildly applaud, again turning so we could all see she had been moved to tears. Yes Miss Turner, you love the legitimate thea-tah and are unemployed, we get it.

In all, the shows were great and I only wish I'd had more time to see a few more.

Next up it's back to the opera and rocking out with Metallica.


Gifted Typist said...

I saw Blithe Spirit in TO last time I was there, in the distillery district. Noel Coward, how I love thee.
Glad you had fun.

Joe said...

This is fantastic.

When Kathleen Turner did her star turn you should've immediately started yelling MIZ TURNER, MIZ TURNER! at the top of your lungs. That would've been hilarious.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Did you see any plastic-surgeries blogger celebrities, though? You know they could have gone toe-to-toe with Mister Turner at the star turn any day, because isn't that why we blog?

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

Ooh! I'm so jealous! Angela Landsbury!!!

Allison said...

I think the dog needs a sweater vest. ;)

Esther said...

Wow, great report! And what a cute dog! I think I need more cute dog pictures on my blog. Hmmm, have to work on that.

I have approached celebs a couple of times, because I'm shameless. But that's just me.

glassmeow said...

Wow. Angela Lansbury! I'm impressed and (a little) jealous. She's a legend!

ziggystardust73 said...

ah, New York.

(a slightly green Ziggy)

Dale said...

I thought it might be too old tyme Gifted Typist but it was just a whole lot of fun!

I wish I'd thought of it Bubs. I reserve the right to do it next time.

It might sound rude to say Barbara (I know, how unlike me) but Mrs. Kirk could barely move her eyeballs since her face was pulled so tight.

She was brilliantly funny Flannery, get thee back to NYC!

The dog was so blase about the throngs of people taking his photo Allison. It was during the 'Easter Parade' where all manner of civilized and down right freaky people parade around in their hats.

I never think I'll have anything interesting to say to them so I shy away Esther. Maybe we should join forces? I'll spot them, you go up and wrangle them.

She was really the reason I went to that show GlassMeow and she didn't disappoint.

Don't get all green Ziggy, you could have easily chosen to move to a less far away continent!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

I'd heard, way out here in California, that the smaller, limited run shows are carrying Broadway right now. I heard Gandolfini was great in his latest. I'm quite envious. Especially the part about Kathleen Turner...I have a job for her.

Dale said...

If the money's there, so may be Kathleen, Ms. Hahn. Go for it. Gandolfini was good but Marcia Gay Harden really blew me away.