This Is Not My Beautiful Dog

September days seem better when they dress themselves up as July ones. The sky, like my head, is nearly empty of clouds and the bamboo flowering next to the deck hums like a last blast buffet for dozens of hornets.

My concentration is limited to wondering how many more Grolsch might be left in the ridiculously distant refrigerator and my back is to the human soup that is Honeypot's pool. A noise invites me to at least think of turning to it but I don't have to, I know what it is.

Over the past few weeks, Honeypot's oldest son has been assembling a frame and fixing a canopy over a freestanding carport in the driveway. His clanging and 'creating' brings to mind Tom Waits' What's He Building? but I decide no action is required until I hear screams or smell smoke.

Settling back to my beer, I ponder over a dream I had. I was on my way to meet Beth from A Cup of Coffey. I was walking in an unfamiliar city through drizzle and as I rounded the corner of a building as grey as the light, I spied David Byrne standing with a small dog. Next to him were many more haphazardly stacked cages with assorted small dogs inside. I knew he was waiting for Beth but unsure whether I wanted to make small talk, I considered turning around. He spotted me and I felt I should be polite and go over.

He explained that in order to meet Beth, you need to have a dog with you. As I puzzled over this and bent to look at some of the other dogs in cages, Mr. Byrne chirped on and on. I wondered if Beth would ever show up but before that could happen, my alarm clock rescued me.

Why am I using this time thinking about dreams? A small reserve of energy allows me mobility enough to retrieve the second to last beer and I settle back. The noise next door stops momentarily, the last cloud particles dissolve from sight and mind and I smile thinking this is one fine day.


SkylersDad said...

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Beth, but always had the suspicion that one needed a dog, or some other small animal in order to make it happen.

Coaster Punchman said...

I also once had a dream about Beth. I blogged about it but I'm too lazy to look it up. But I had the pleasure of meeting her. And you.

Fran said...

I never had a dream about Beth but I want to meet her. I have had dreams about David Byrne but that is none of your business. Oh how I loved that big shouldered jacket... *shivers*

Do you wear something like that? Oh never mind, you are unavailable to me, I'm married. And that's just the tip o' the iceberg!

Doc said...

You crazy kid! I've been advocating beer to you for some time and it is only now that you take my advice? Next time buy some Red Stripe beer and all will make sense.

I promise.


Cormac Brown said...

Beth will show up, but she won't blog anymore. If you want your dreams to make sense? Try some kim chi with dinner, it works for everyone but the KBL (which explains why she's so bitter).

BeckEye said...

Why aren't you having dreams about ME? Stupid Beth, always ruining my dream life.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Evidently Mr Byrne chose his band name well.

Is that where Beth hangs out these days? In dreams? I was wondering where she wnet.

Dale said...

I just wish I knew whether she was using them for pets or meat Skyler's Dad!

Maybe if you go back to sleep you'll fall right back into the dream CP? I've definitely had the pleasure of meeting you so the only thing left is Beth before Disneyland for me I guess.

I've lost a few pounds Fran so the jackets may be a bit bigger on me now, does that work for you?

Why I wouldn't just listen to you to begin with Doc is my own folly. I promise to be smarter.

If I can get the KBL to visit her, maybe she will blog again Cormac?

Who says I'm not dreaming of you constantly Beckeye?

She's only in dreams now Barbara, how silly is that?

Doc said...

Come, come Dale. Five days is far too long to wait for the next installment. Get on the stick man! People are waiting!


Unknown said...

Does the neighbor wear his clothes inside out? It might be Tom Waits.

Cup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cup said...

How lovely that y'all still dream about me, even though I've (Temporarily? Permanently? Not sure, actually; maybe one day when there's something to write about or the ADD kicks back long enough for me to focus and write. Or you can find me on Facebook; it's much easier and doesn't require thought.) left the blogworld. Kisses to each of you. Except Doc, who didn't mention me in his comment.

It's interesting, Dale, that you've discovered Davey Byrne (yep; we're that close) is my gatekeeper. He loves the pups.

(Yes, I deleted the previous comment; triple Ls in "actually." I have a problem with over-L'ing these days. Again, I'm blaming the ADD.)

Anonymous said...

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