Altogether Now

I sent this to The Globe And Mail today. This goes along with my previous post about how damned brilliant and annoying I can be.

While reading the Book section of The Globe and Mail weekend edition May 13, 2006, I enjoyed Laura Robinson's review of Sheldon Kennedy's book (page D4).

There was something at the end of the first paragraph that made me wonder. Ms. Robinson says "They knew we might put it altogether." I'm sure she meant all together didn't she?

At least in the Book section I'd expect some pretty good proofreading to be going on. But mistakes do happen and people point them out. Life goes on.

If ever you're looking for a new proofreader, hire me and pay me well. I'll go to town looking for just this sort of thing to save the paper from having to listen to people like me.

Thanks, Dale


Reese said...

Oh, you're one of THOSE people, Dale. lol.

Dale said...

Yep, I'm a first class pain in the ass!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the Globe to replace Leah Mclaren or Russell Smith with you.

Maybe your Frito Bandido powers should be put to use in the cause of proper punctuation.

Jenna said...

I'm one of those people too. I'll actually circle these things and very nearly did a whole issue of my hometown's paper and sent it back. They'd deserve it.

Reese said...

I want to punch Leah McLaren in the stomach.

Dale said...

For wit or talent, any of us could give Leah a run for her money. Or at least a punch. That's a long line to stand in from what I can tell.

Gizmo, I'll send you some extra red pens, I've got lots of them.

bluestocking said...

I hate that I can't make so many of my students understand what's alwrong with "alright."

I ask them to parse the sentence "He was already all ready" and that helps for some of them. But for others, if "alright" is in their spell checker, then it's alright with them.

And that's not all right.

Dale said...


Dale said...

And by the way B.D., your comments were hilarious. Alwrong? I'm stealing that for sure. Cause I'm a stealer.