Blue List Group

What follows is my email to the Lonely Planet Blue List book and their reply.

I include this because it lets me pretend that I am writing. And when I am pretending to write, I pretend to be happier.

Places everyone, smile.

Oh, there were three choices of office to contact, one in the USA, one in the UK and one in Australia. I chose the Australia office simply because they had the best strange address:

Locked Bag 1, Footscray, Victoria, 3011

Hello Lonely Planet People,

I bought your Blue List book of 618 Things To Do
& Places To Go. 06-07.I'm enjoying leafing through it and
dreaming of some truly great vacations to come.

Being Canadian, I was happy to see the inclusion
of the Canadian Rocky Mountains
under Most Spectacular Natural Attractions.

A couple of minor items caught my eye
and I thought it best to bring them to your

British Columbia is spelled as I just spelled
it and not Colombia.Also we don't have state borders here but
provinical borders. And by provincial,
I mean from province, not from a lack
of refinement.

We're all rather polite and lovely you know.

Keep up the great work!

Dale Of The Provinces

Thanks for taking the time to let us know
about the British Columbia error, much

I will pass this onto the commissioning
editor so he is aware.I am glad you enjoyed Bluelist..It is great
for day dreaming..All the best Dale Of The Provinces..

God I'm boring aren't I? Even Nicole thinks
so, I'm sure.


chelene said...

Did y'all really communicate in such tiny font? :)

Dale said...

I'm trying to fix that Chelene. I'm guessing I angered the cut & paste gods at Blogger or something.

Dale said...

And, scene.

Holly said...

With all my heart, I want to write to someone at Locked Bag 1, Footscray.

But here's how boring I am, Dale: Today I found a blog where someone said that "we Canucks join together and celebrate Queen Victoria’s Birthday. She’s the mother of our current queen, Elizabeth." And I left the following comment:

Um, I’m not Canadian or British, just someone who likes British history, and Queen Victoria was not the mother of Queen Elizabeth. The mother of Elizabeth II was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Victoria was born May 24, 1819 and died January 22, 1901. She was succeeded by Edward VII, who was succeeded by George V, who was succeeded by Edward VIII who abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson and become the Duke of Wales; the throne then went to his brother, George VI; and when he died, his daughter Elizabeth assumed the throne. So that makes Victoria Elizabeth’s great-great grandmother.

How boring does that make me?

Dale said...

Rather hilarious Holly. I think the only remedy to your brand of boring today is to send that exact comment with no other explanation to the address listed. Sign it with my name and we'll start a whole 'nother blog.

Either that or put on the song 'Victoria' by THE FALL and rock your way out of boredom.

Holly said...

I don't "Victoria" by THE FALL by I have heard of Victoria Falls.

Dale said...

It's on my list Holly.