Oh, Sandra


Guess who sat two rows behind me on my flight to Victoria ? Your husband! No, your other husband.

As you recently mentioned, you and your regular husband were out for dinner and the staff at the restaurant asked if your hubby was a celebrity. The person said something akin to Are you Rex Harri..., I mean Murphy?.

Rex Harrington for those of you not knowledgeable in the ways of Canadian celebrity is a well known ballet dancer. Rex Murphy is a well known Canadian warthog, I mean journalist. You can see why Sandra might be more excited at the prospect of her husband being mistaken for Rex the H as opposed to Rex the M. No matter, I'm sure they've both got their lovelier pointes.

Since I'm always in the thick of minor Canadian celebrity sightings, it got me to wondering. As I have seen Rex M. several times noting a proximity to our workplaces, maybe he recognizes me and this makes me a minor celebrity?

I couldn't be any less famous than him could I?

Well, I'm back from the coast again and glad of it. More later,



Holly said...

Glad you're back, Dale. I've missed you.

Dale said...

Hello Holly,

I almost managed to not blog / email for a few days there! Hard to believe but I made it through.

I've got some catching up and inundating to do now.

Good to hear from you,


Robert said...

Actually, I think I read something about you in one of the celebrity scandal sheets: “Dale and Britney’s Secret Lovechild Christened In Bradjelina’s Pool”

Dale said...

I wish they'd get it right. It was Dale & Mrs. Peacock's lovechild and it was in the study with the candlestick.

chelene said...

Welcome back! You're such a tease. When you left me a comment last week I came rushing over here thinking you had posted some tasty goodness. I "humphed" at you several times! :)

Perhaps Rex M. is stalking you on those days when Madame Atwood is off doing whatever it is she does to keep her hair from strangling her in the night.

Dale said...

Hey Chelene, you're so lucky! You see, Rex and Margaret wish they could "humph" me but you actually got to!

Funny that for all my Atwood bashing, I just bought a book of short stories edited by Michael Chabon and she's one of the contributors. See? I won't necessarily let a bad hairdo cloud all my judgement.

Sandra said...

Oh Dale- are you sure he was the real Rex Murphy and not one of his lookalikes? He and his kind are everywhere.

I tried to post a comment earlier but it appears to have disappeared.

I am so excited about my story on your blog - it almost makes up for my husband being mistaken for Rex M.

Dale said...

Sandra! I got your other comment as well. They come to me first to approve or reject (the power!) and there you have it.

It was Sexy Rexy for sure. Spooky.