My Favourite Number is Dale

I long ago gave up the notion that I'm not a number. I am. So are we all.

I'm filling out the 2006 Canadian census online.

They make it clear that all my information is confidential. To perhaps deflect from the fact that are 10 different identifier numbers used in the paperwork they sent me, they have the decency to keep using my name throughout the information gathering process.

Cue the HAL voice...Hello DALE, what is the language you speak most often at home?

This makes me feel special. Like maybe I'm unique, one of their prime numbers.

Thanks HAL, love you.



Robert said...

Dale, what does the 9901 at the end of your post represent? I did a little searchy and came up with some interesting information about 9901. Check it out: http://primes.utm.edu/curios/page.php/9901.html

Dale said...

I put it there because it's a unique prime number Robert. I will now devote my life to proving that I am just that.

Holly said...

Dale, you are a prime number--those of us who sometimes feel like mere integers can tell.

Dale said...

What a nice thing to say Holly!

Mere? You could never be mere, you're a natural.

Claudia said...


I am Claudia. Thanks HAL, you're too kind.

Dale said...

HAL's there for you through the long lonely census fillin out nights.