Can I Get A Witness?

I saw this quote on Creepy's site and immediately stole it. Feel free to steal it and not go to hell at the same time.

“Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion... Why don't we celebrate living, instead of worrying about damnation and sin?”

-- Ed Schempp, humanist, activist


Reese said...

Do people actually worry about damnation and sin anymore?

People aren't capable of celebrating living. Just as we've freed ourselves from worrying about sin and damnations - we've replaced it with worrying about not living healthy, rich, fulfilling lives. That's the new obsession and the new reason for feeling guilty and inadequate as all fuck.

Dale said...

I think some people do worry about it although I'm not one of them. You're spot on with your comments. Inadequate as all fuck is the new sin and damnation.

Creepy said...

Great -- I finally ceased worrying about damnation and sin, now you've got me obsessessing about being inadequate as all fuck.

Reese said...

Naw, it's probably just me.

Lynn said...

Would you mind if I used this quote on my blog? It's really interesting and I would appreciate be able to use it in an upcoming post.

Dale said...

Reese - it's always you!

Lynn - Hi...use the quote as you please. Don't forget to first send Creepy $20 though as I stole it from him. Then send me $15 as I need some cash, just not a lot.

Rev. Dale,
Church of the Poisoned Mind