Mornings Eleven

Correction - I was unable to complete the census online due to it crashing on me every few questions. I was pleased to find that putting pen to page still worked rather well even if it meant giving up on HAL's dulcet tones.

The Magic Numbers


NYCbeauty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Glad you loved the opera. I have other postings that are actually about the opera!

I'm sure the Canadian production was wonderful as well. I know I'm lucky to have the met here (and my parents...it's not like I would be affording those tix!!!).

It's funny. I noticed on my calendar that it's Canadian census day.

Never thought I'd read a blog about it......
Keep writing!!!

AL said...

down with census' why does the government need to know where i live...i mean the cops already do...shouldn't that be enough? thanks for your kind comments on the site.


ps...the magic numbers are great...so are magic beans...you gotta see the fucking bean pole i got going in the back yard...

Dale said...

Hey NYCB - I live to serve and report on that serving to the Canadian Government.

And Al? I didn't feel too worried since I filled it out with all of your info anyway. They'll never catch me the suckers.

As for the Magic Numbers? You're in denial and I know.

Magic beans? I ate mine. You should see what's growing out...never mind.