Dale what would you like to be when you grow up?

A Cautious Visionary

My Personal Dna Report

And you?

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justacoolcat said...

I see, in order to perfect a plan for killing me with a pillow you want a little head shrinking normative information.

Well then, I am the Benevolent Idealist.

Curator said...

Interesting. Robert's Personal Dna Report

Anonymous said...

Thanks, jerk, I needed to waste hours doing this test this morning, instead of getting ready?!
I am a Beneviolent Creator!
How do I leave a link so you can read about me?

Jenna said...

What a neat thing. I'm a
Cautious Dreamer

I'm also finding it hilarious that I scored higher on the masculinity scale than you. I'm my daddy's daughter, for sure.

Dale said...

JCC - I had you figured as The Walrus. It's back to the drawing board for me. You're safe and benevolent for now.

Robert - Could they have come up with a more awkward title? Pretty interesting findings though.

Tanya - If it took you an hour, that's all I need to know. Really.

Gizmo - That's pretty funny. Does this make me your daddy's other daughter? The one nobody talks about? I'm ascared.

Reese said...

I'm an "inspirational creator" or something gay like that. Bloody hell, Dale. You should have told us that test takes 3 goddamn hours to complete!

That's irresponsible blogging, my friend. I'm angry at you.

Dale said...

Did it really take that long? I may have been asleep when I did it myself but I thought it was fairly quick.

Clearly, the findings for me should have said "Timewasting Yet Pandering Moron".

Sorry Reese, Tanya and all those who will never get their valuable blogging time back.

Reese said...

alright, i'll forgive you

Dale said...

I knew you were a Forgiving Goddess at heart Reese.

AngelConradie said...

what a cool result. very impressive i think! i am a "genuine leader"! mwaaahahahahaha!
you can find mine here- i dunno how to do the linky thingy in comments...


AngelConradie said...

sorry... that "link" thingy i supplied doesn't work!

Dale said...

It said you were a genuine leader Angel, not a genuine linker. So there!