Of Bored Dominatrices And Eating

I'm eating in a restaurant. I'm funny that way, put me in a restaurant and it's just something I'm comfortable doing.

Midway through my Oysters 1-1-1, I notice a tall woman dressed in a bright red pant suit and sporting a wide brimmed hat of the same colour enter the restaurant. She doesn't walk, she strides. She is wearing dark sunglasses that cover a good deal of her face.

She makes a couple of passes down the length of the section I'm seated in, rounds the corner through the bar area and exits the place.

I stop chewing long enough to process what I've just seen and notice a few other stymied patrons. I go back to the eating. After all, I am in a restaurant.

A couple of moments pass before the puss (glamour) returns to traipse through our midst once more. Stride one two, stride one two, stop, turn, beckon to someone just out of sight and hold.

A rather large and tall man in a below the knee bright red backless evening gown studded in sequins enters the frame. His hair is spiked up and he looks a very masculine gent. Except for the dress and matching choker.

He waits for her cue and then follows her into the restaurant, they do a walkabout around the tables and then go and sit at the bar.

They order a drink, she talks to a couple of people at the bar while he sits there. She leads him to the bathroom, they disappear, they come back, they finish their drink, one more tour around the joint and off they go.

A waiter regales the women at the table behind ours with tidbits about the odd couple.

He says that she's a local dominatrix who brings some of her clients here for a drink on occasion.
He says management doesn't mind this.

He says she has a small whip that she will use at times.

He says she is in complete control of her client and he likes that.

He says they never stay for long.

He thinks she's adorable.

Draw your own conclusions. I'm busy eating.


Bored Dominatrix said...

Huh. I guess that's one way to avoid getting bored with your work.

Robert said...

Dale, your life is just one extraordinary experience after another.

justacoolcat said...

So you're saying the dress didn't make me look fat?

chelene said...

I can't believe you didn't mention the shoes! What kind of shoes was the client wearing? Heels?

And something tells me that waiter is either a current or future client.

Reese said...

Are you still on holidays? Where the hell are you?

Dale said...

B.D. - sorry that I borrowed your name for my title there. It might well keep her from being bored as this was not a restaurant you'd expect to see this happen in. Shocked looks all around, I'm chalking it up to local flavour.

Robert - I can pack more into one minute than most people could into two.

JCC - No, the dress didn't.

Chelene - Our Lady of Intermittent Pain had on what looked like black boots and her friend had on red high heels but he was walking confidently. The most striking thing was the perfect match of red they both were swathed in.

The waiter deserved a bit of pain for the disinterested service he provided but my whip was at home.

Reese - I'm back in Ontario after a lovely stay in B.C. But of course, life with me is like a holiday. I'm sure of it.