Signs From God

I came upon this the other day on a path / walking trail.

I thought what the fuck is this supposed to mean?

Is it a rooster head or something? No quarter chickens on the path at any time? It stumped me until I lost my balance and fell right off my blades.


Curator said...

I think that’s the “Ripping intestines out of a Mormon is strictly PROHIBITED” sign.

Dale said...

So is there a specific spot where it is allowed then? Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

Ripping intestines out of a Mormon is strictly PROHIBITED

Prohibited by WHOM? I'll never forget making the vow in the temple that if I ever revealed any of its creepy secrets, I deserved to have my throat slit and my guts ripped out. The Danites (a group of Mormon assassins, whose existence is considered apocryphal by some) haven't visited me in the middle of the night, but you never know when they could....

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it just means "no funny shaped objects."

Hey, Dale, you're back!

Dale said...

Hi Reese...Yep, I'm back. And I like your take on it, no funny shaped objects!

Holly & Robert...I took the photo of the no rollerblading Mormons in Victoria British Columbia.

I was there to help a friend who was moving his aunt. On her bookshelf was The Book of Mormon, along with many other interesting items.

Funny that the Mormon thing should keep coming up. I knew watching Donny & Marie as a child would lead to no good!