First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Brook-lyn

Ah, a long weekend here in friendly Canada. The Victoria Day weekend.

Still no use for the monarchy? Say what you will, Queen Victoria died for our sins so we might get a day off. Or something.

And is there really any better way to celebrate a Canadian holiday than by flying to America for some fun in glorious NYC?

I went with John and it was great. The weather was better than it was here, the theatre was great and hey, who doesn't like hotel life?

On Sunday morning, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was suggested. I said, okay but not before some brekkie.

From the hotel on 52nd at Madison we walked to the Red Flame on 44th between 5th and 6th because their breakfast is fast, great and no nonsense. From there, the plan was to hop in a cab that would take us toward the bridge, get out, walk across and then figure out the rest of the day.

Not everything goes as planned.

Breakfast went off without a hitch.

We then decided to start walking. We headed for Broadway and got caught up chatting and marvelling at the architecture and doing your standard people watching along the way.

We kept walking. And walking.

We ended up walking all the way to the bridge, across it and into Brooklyn.

We sat a while in the park there and talked a while. I called Tanya who had just been in NYC but was now back home. She was rude enough to not be around. After a little more relaxing, we went off again in search of a cab. First we found a Starbucks and then we found a cab.

It took a few good hours and about 5 or 6 miles of walking but the experience was worth it.

The cab ride back took about 15 minutes. I'm thinking of having wheels installed where my feet used to be. (This mapquest map shows the return trip by car and not the blister walk to and over the bridge.)


chelene said...

You got lucky with the weather because it was nothing but rain and bitching about the rain the last couple of days.

Oh, and I love how you say you "found" a Starbucks as if they aren't on every corner! ;)

Robert said...

You know, Dale, you could really inspire a bit of envy with all your jaunts and travels. I suppose the rest of us will have to be content, living in the shadows of your exploits.

justacoolcat said...

. . . and by shadows, I'm certain Robert means, we are stalking you.

Dale said...

Yes Chelene, I discovered the one and only Starbucks! Ain't I the lucky one? The weather was much nicer there and it could be raining the whole time and NY's an exciting place.

Robert - I do enjoy my haunts and jaunts but why be the first to be filled with envy on your block? Click on a travel website now! Hucksters are standing by.

Jcc - And by standing by, I mean in that same shadow. Does this mean I'm not the only one who can see you?

Anonymous said...

I hate New York and I hate you! There is nowhere to eat and where can a person ever find a coffee to go?

I hate you for being in New York without me and going to shows and dinners and having coffee in the hotel.

And that wasn't the Brooklyn Bridge you walked over. I had them move it when I found out you were there without me.

I guess I'll just have to post about my excellent recent trip to NYC that was made all the better because you weren't there to trash it all up! Grrr!

And I never would have given that cabbie any money! I can't believe you were that nice. Way to burst my Dale bubble, jerk! Does this mean I have to be nice too? I hate nice! (no, I don't, and I love you, so call me, okay? kiss kiss!)

Bored Dominatrix said...

Say what you will, Queen Victoria died for our sins so we might get a day off.

I can never hear the phrase "so-and-so died for our sins" without recalling the moment in Hedwig and the Angry Inch (which, brilliantly insightful viewer of movies that you are, you also list among your favorite movies) where young Hansel says to his mother, "But Jesus died for our sins!" and she replies, "So did Hitler!"

Of course, it's much funnier when they say it, because they say it in German, a language that is naturally hilarious.

Dale said...

Tanya, I love you because it's a mad mad mad mad mad world and lucky for you.

Bored D, one of the romance languages that is! And what a fantastic film. So many quotable lines.

I also love the term so and so and note that Jenny Lewis used it in one of her songs. Did you ever pick up that CD?