I hate to repeat myself. I hate to repeat myself.

I'm not convinced that everyone I know has gone out and bought the Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins cd Rabbit Fur Coat.

They warn you about killers and thieves in the night
I worry about cancer and living right
But my mama never warned me about my own destructive appetite
Or the pitfalls of control
How it locks you in your grave
Looking for someone to be saved under my restraint

I'm not sure that passage will sell anyone but I thought it was great to hear something like that in the middle of a pop song. It definitely had an effect on me. It's much less a downer than it sounds.


Holly said...

I've been wondering whether or not to buy that album, Dale, and now you've pretty much convinced me.

gizmorox said...

Creepy twins! Creepy twins!

Dale said...

Yay! It worked, I can finally reveal that I am Jenny Lewis and I sold a CD!!

Check out her website though Holly, I think you'll find it's pretty groovy.

Yay! It worked, I can finally reveal that I am one of the creepy Watson twins. Not that one, the other one. Cue the knife wielding maniac behind the shower curtain shrieking music. Don't turn around Gizmorox, I'm there!