The Loneliest Place On Earth

I can be very annoying. I know this. But as it is well intentioned and borne out of my brilliance, it's perfectly acceptable.

I was leafing through the Lonely Planet publication BLUE LIST 618 Things To Do & Places To Go. 06-07.

It's a nice dream book of sorts. It highlights some great places to travel and breaks down some cool categories such as Great Historical Journeys, Places Most Like In The Film, Most Remote Places on Earth and The World's Best Booze and Where To Drink It.

One category that caught my eye{ouch}was Most Spectacular Natural Attractions. It featured the Canadian Rocky Mountains which border British Columbia and Alberta, two of our lovely provinces.

British Columbia was spelled Colombia which is incorrect. The book also mentioned that the moutain range straddled the two state borders rather than the provincial borders.

I sent an email to let them know I like their book but to tell them I should be working for them and getting free trips and stuff as I noticed these two things.

I'll let you know how that all goes.


justacoolcat said...

British Columbia? I love the smell of their snow.

Dale said...

The smell of their pot is pretty fine too. I hear.