What Balls

Even when I'm away from my computer, my bloggy little brain continues to whir and pop.

While walking across a certain bridge in a certain city, I happened upon a painted symbol telling me where to walk.

I thought of Holly and this piece she wrote. I wondered what might happen if I dared veer from the path. I wondered and left it at that.


chelene said...

What happens is you get run over by a bicycle. You'd be surprised how well you follow directions once you regain consciousness.

justacoolcat said...

Damn bikers, stay off the streets! And the sidewalks! Bikes belong on car bike racks, assholes.

I think you should have stepped outside the lines and dared the fates to bike you down.

Dale said...

I do enjoy the way they show the figure heading toward the bike lane though. It's ballsy in itself Chelene. Holly's ahem, piece, had to do with emasculation and if you look at the paint, well, even stick figures have peelings.

Jcc - you are so wise - bikes belong on car bike racks - of course! And although I stayed out of their way, I taunted the bastards the whole way.

Holly said...

Holly's ahem, piece, had to do with emasculation

Maybe it's because I knew what my piece was about, but I knew immediately why you posted the photograph.

Poor guy.

Let me state for the record that I think people should retain all their parts. Spaying and neutering is for pets, not people.

Dale said...

I knew you knew. I felt bad for him too. Not so bad that I went and got paint to give him new parts but you know.

Thank you for clarifying as well.

justacoolcat said...

I was afraid to look, it struck too close to Hasselhoff crotch for comfort.

Dale said...

Never fear, Holly wouldn't hassel or hoff ya CoolCat. Plus she'd have to run after you on that damned bike right?