Fun Searches That Bring The World To Me

Survey of Site Meter Stats Says:

lurning guitar notes

"ted the handyman"

chicago spanking club dale

homespun honey

beard types wagner

"My brother" "fought"

laboured breathing passion

Thanks strange world.


chelene said...

I can't decide if I laughed harder at "chicago spanking club dale" or "laboured breathing passion". I think those two might have been the same person.

Berry said...

I wunder iff that uther gye fownd thuh gittar site he wuz surching fore.

mellowlee said...

Maybe we can make a song out of those search phrases :)

Dale said...

It's hard to laugh during laboured spanking Chelene. And isn't it swell to know that since they spelled it labour, they're probably Canadian and closer than I'd like.

Berry, please take the Nutella and turkey out of your mouth when speaking! I'm surprised he didn't spell it geetar.

That sounds like a bit of a challenge MellowYellowLee. Or we could just rephrase it to say:

My brother fought his homespun honey after he found Ted the handyman Chicago spanking Dale. Dale'd been lurning guitar notes with a bunch of beard types at the time. Wagner laboured, breathing passion into words to please the commenting few.

mellowlee said...

OMG that's awesome! Yay Dale! :)

Dale said...

Speaking of lurning guitar notes, if you click on the link in my post, the search engine asks Were you looking for burning guitar notes? Yes please!

X. Dell said...

Laboured breathing passion? That was not an American search query, so you can't blame that one on me. The 'lurnin guitar notes,' on the other hand, might have come from Nashville.

Dale said...

I'm only blaming one of them on you X. Dell and the rest from Nashville and surrounding area.