Look To The Skies Or The Site Meter

"You don't Nomi"

Large Chest Hair Shavers for stress tests

home remedies to make diamonds shine

a Fine Balance germaine greer

alla rampa restaurant in rome,italy


justacoolcat said...

As long as you keep paying by the comment . . .

Dale said...

It's only pennies a glass Coolcat.

Mob said...

Site meter brings me no end of joy.

Aside from "My shit in your ass", the strangest phrase to bring someone my way was "Nipple shock".

My mother, God rest her soul, is most assuredly beaming with pride at the series of words that brings strangers to her baby's writings.

Dale said...

Your end of joy is clearly different from the end of joy described by the searcher for 'my shit in your ass' Mob.

And my mom is proud of you too. She says you never call though.