True Confessions

You know when I said I really loved that potato salad? I lied. I only liked it as a friend.


Berry said...

So what'd you do, pretend to love it and then just tossed it aside??

... nothing sadder than tossed salad.

Coaster Punchman said...

I guess that's why you didn't marry it.

Shroom-Monkey said...

You know what would be good- Potato salad wrestling. A big pool of it, two half naked chicks flinging the mayo. Wouldn't that liven up the ol family reunions?

Grant Miller said...

I would marry potato salad, were it legal. But only the mustard kind. German potato salad is for assholes.

Dale said...

Oh Berry! That's good. Give me some of your tooth meds right now!

I can only commit to a little salad on the side right now Coaster Punchman.

Long as the two half naked chicks aren't relatives, I'll sell tickets if you'll set it up Shroom.

So you're saying it's for medicinal purposes only Grant?