Love Is Everything

I mentioned singer Jane Siberry in a comment the other day which led Coaster Punchman to post about a context I'd never seen her in. Well he told two friends and they told two friends and both of those friends happily were in my head and named Dale.

Although many seem to know Jane Siberry for a few novelty songs and contributions to soundtracks like The Crow, she's also a potent songwriter who can make your heart ache.

I've seen Jane in a few of her incarnations over the years and it's always been an education and a treat. I think that one of the strangest moments I may have shared with her was when I went to see kd lang on her Hymns of the 49th Parallel tour.

kd's album showcased interpretations of some of the songs that Canada's greatest songwriters have sewn into the cultural fabric. Two of these songs were written by Ms. Siberry. She was in the audience that evening at Roy Thomson Hall and I spied her as she made her way to her seat.

I wondered how it must feel to sit and wait for someone else to perform your work and settled on flattering and a bit jealous. I'm not sure why I felt so nervous for Jane but I did. Having seen kd perform live before, I knew on a bad day, she could tear the roof off. Both songs were done the justice they deserved and kd acknowledged Jane's presence and praised her songwriting talents.

I felt proud for Jane and just to be in the audience at all that night. The rest of the show focusing on songs by Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Ron Sexsmith, Bruce Cockburn and kd herself was brilliant and everything met with thunderous applause and cheers.

Although people widely praise kd lang and I am among them, I really don't think you should consider your opinion fully informed until you've heard her sing live. There's plenty of power in her recordings but none can quite accurately capture the unbridled power and beauty.

Love Is Everything. Indeed.


Saviour Onassis said...

I am wildly jealous that you have heard kd live. I have always adored her and credit her "ingenue" album with saving my life at a very intense time. Also, I am grateful for her introducing me to other fantastic artists, Jane Siberry included. There is a moment in the final season of "Six Feet Under" where several female characters sing their version of "calling all angels" and it brought me to tears.

Thank you for reminding me about how much I love and cherish these women. I know which playlist to cue up in my iPod now.

Beth said...

I've seen k.d. lang just once, and was blown away. Not sure if she made it to Atlanta on her most recent tour.

Dale said...

You should check her out next time she plays near you Saviour. It's worth the effort. I've seen her 3 times and it's quite an experience. Why I knew her when she was still a country singer.

I remember well the moment you're talking about in 6FU. It was an emotional moment no question.

Managed to see Jane I think 3 if not 4 times as well and she's different and excellent each time. I think she really suffers for her art. According to her website, she's changed her name so I just hope she's alright.

Dale said...

Beth - she's a powerhouse no? The last tour for kd was odd a little as she was all Zen'd out with a rug, barefoot and robes on while she sang her love song to Canada. She had to rein it in a few times so she didn't explode the walls of the hall. What a talent.

Sandra said...

When I hear kd lang on the radio - only CBC of course- or on the mp3- I remember that show- and that voice- I know you know this Dale but for all of your fans- download the Canadian Music Hall of Fame March 2006 tribute to Leonard Cohen when she sings Allehuiah (sp???- there are the protestant spellings, the catholic ones and as Leonard is neither one of those but is a Buddhist Jew I am not sure how he spells it)... it is worth the search.

Thanks Dale- for giving me the ticket beside you at that show!!!

Dale said...

You're welcome Sandra, it was a great show and fun night with the great kd and I think we all had fun. I can't adequately describe how seeing someone like kd makes me feel. She also substituted for Neil Young at the Junos when he had the little matter of the aneurysm to attend to and did a searing rendition of Helpless didn't she?

Coaster Punchman said...

"I wondered how it must feel to sit and wait for someone else to perform your work and settled on flattering and a bit jealous." Is this how you feel when I borrow your work as inspiration for my own posting?

Dale said...

Yes, but you're such a terrible singer that I don't worry too much! Ouch. Actually, I'm jealous and flattered because your posts are punchy and great. Where's my book?

X. Dell said...

I have a few of the early things lang has done, but nothing recently. And I've never heard her perform live. Pity, but I don't like being in concerts.

As someone who has written music, it gives me a thrill to hear someone epit my tunes back at me. I can imagine though that if you're a fan of the original performer, you would prefer to hear the original performer.

Dale said...

You'll have to make her come to her. Tell you found the ghost of Patsy Cline wandering around one of your rooms, that might do it.

I'm interested to know what kind of music you've written X. Dell. Sometimes a different performer can really add another dimension to things.

lulu said...

CP is a wonderful singer, and a great pianist. And as a Schottish instructor he is beyond compare.

Dale said...

Secret information from Lulu. Excellent, I love that. Thanks Lulu. Sing something CP!