Veritum Dies Aperit

Two weeks ago, the freaky styley watch I employ for everyday use stopped ticking. That's when I reached for my revolver. Couldn't find that so I went for my backup watch. Lo and behold*, it had stopped ticking. Next up, my good watch. You know this part. I don't care what you say, I believe batteries can be impertinent.

There was a time when I couldn't function without a watch on my wrist. I'd feel naked without it, anxious but not quite twitching. I'd turn around and go back home if I'd forgotten it although this was a rare occurrence.

I've always been a bit pathological about being late so much so that I've been known to show up half an hour early and then have to kill time (even for things like Church when I was still living under one God).

Not having my watch to look at hasn't worried me as it once might have. Am I'm too lazy or cheap to get the batteries replaced? Or is it that I'm getting older and don't want to be reminded that my own clock will wind eventually wind down? Or is it something else?

Time discovers the truth.


chelene said...

I'm lazy. I have three watches that need batteries. I'd rather buy another watch (which is just what I did since I ordered a watch as my 10-year anniversary present).

Old Lady said...

I think it is due to the fact that there is a clock on everything now. Cell phone, computers, stoves, micro-waves, car & so on. Doesn't everyone get a desk clock?

Erik said...

I haven't worn a watch since I left college. I like the elements of surprise and danger it brings to everyday life.

Berry said...

Okay, here's my take: You've reached that age... you know, when you can absolutely rely on your own inner clock to do things like wake you, tell you you're hungry, get your innards moving, tell you it's nap-time, etc.... at the exact same time each day, without fail.


Maybe you really are just lazy.

haahnster said...

I can't stand the feeling of a watch around my wrist. I have an irrational fear that the wristband is going to grow sharp suddenly, slashing my wrist, thus leaving me bleeding to death, an apparent suicide.

I was able to work around this for a couple of years (1989-1990), during the high point of rap group Public Enemy's popularity, by wearing a clock around my neck, inspired by Flavor Flav. I was beaten mercilessly, and repeatedly (and, deservedly so). But, I was never late, unless it was due to one of the many beatings. Thus, my bloody nose and/or visible bruising would serve as a ready-made excuse for my tardiness. Those were the days.

Dale said...

So am I lazy Chelene. I'm more bound to just steal or buy a new one.

No desk clock O.L. but definitely one everywhere else now that you say it. On my pc, dvd, tv box, wall clock, that tattoo I got in Tijuana.

See but you're smart Erik and all that danger and intrigue shows up in your writing.

Berry, after 42 somewhat long years, my body does tell me a few things. Just not what time it is. It's smart but not that smart. I'm lazy.

Haahnster, I'm not sure but I think you made me speechless with laughter. And now I know why doves cry and you sob. I heart merciless beatings.

X. Dell said...

Perhaps you like the liberating feeling of naked wrists.

Dale said...

I do. I feel quite different than I might have in the past. Although I saw some nice watches on display at a store earlier tonight. I'm a sucker for the shiny objects. Doesn't take much to confuse me.