Christmas In July


The Feast of Santa Lucia

Kevin Spacey. Judy Davis. Dennis Leary.

Snarky and funny dialogue throughout.

My favourite Christmas movie of all time.

The Ref.

It's hot today that I'm thinking Christmas.

That's normal right?


lulu said...

mt favorite line:

From now on, the only person who gets to yell is me. Why? Because I have a gun. People with guns get to do whatever they want. Married people without guns - for instance - you - DO NOT get to yell. Why? NO GUNS! No guns, no yelling. See? Simple little equation.

FYI, I have worn one of those candle wreaths on my head.

Cup said...

Interesting. I've been thinking Arbor Day in July. Think I'll go rent some of my favorite Arbor Day movies today. Denis Leary was in an Arbor Day classic, wasn't he?

Dale said...

I've seen parts of both of those Mat but nothing comes between me and The Ref. Maybe that one with The Waltons. That was a comedy right?

Great line Lulu and you've immediately achieved elevated status for having worn the wreath! There are so many great lines and moments I can scarcely pick one or two or ten.

Beth, he's in all the classics isn't he? And speaking of Arbor Day, I get to mention Jerri Blank in Strangers With Candy as she once said:

But on this St. Arbor's Day week, we must realize that the new sapling grows into the mighty old oak, which we cut down to make our new ax handles which, in turn, we use to chop down our mighty old oaks.

nouseforaname said...

I want a snow cone. Snow cones are yummy.

Dale stay away from the flavored syrups after the creamer incident, we may need to keep some distance between us

mellowlee said...

Well, with all this hot weather, I've been dreaming about snow, so I suppose Christmas in July isn't a bad idea Dale! I LOVE the Ref. I had it on video, but someone borrowed it and never returned it :( I will have to replace it on dvd soon.

Saviour Onassis said...

This is the second time this week that someone has spoken highly to me about this movie. I guess I know what to put in my Netflix queue... I was wondering if those three (Spacey, Leary and Davis) had ever done something together...

For the record, my own favorite Christmas movie is Gremlins. And my least favorite is Passion of the Christ, which I had to explain to my Christian family, isn't really appropriate at Christmastime.

"Hey, to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, let's watch him be tortured and hung up to die for two hours! Isn't that what Christmas is all about?" Ummm, no... Actually, it's not. Even a heathen like me knows that.

X. Dell said...

A lot of people think about Christmas in July because they're still paying the credit card debt from several Yuletides ago.

Dale said...

I'm staying away from me too Shroom-Monkey. Snow cones are from baby Jesus. Special sauce from the Debbil.

One of my friends got me to watch it a few years ago MellowLee. It's a tradition now and still holds up on repeated viewings.

Passion of the Christ is more for when you want a snuff film I think. And poor Mel's in trouble did you hear? Definitely check out the movie Saviour. Aww, I remember Gremlins. I think they live with me sometimes. In my head.

Dale said...

I love credit! It's like pretending to have money! And I like pretending to pay it off too! And exclamation marks! Ah, credit.

Jill said...

Well, it was Christmas in July were I was(or "Noël des campeurs" like we say). it was pretty funny to see people wearing Santa suits when it's like 30 outside! I even ate maple "tire"(the stuff you eat on snow).

Dale said...

That sounds pretty crazy but fun Jill. I hope you let your new cat Rotini have some maple tire!

Jill said...

Do you really think I have kept some. And he doesn't need some to be hyper. Might disapointed you, but we actually called him Framboise. But I'll keep your name in bank, cuz I am very unlucky with cat.

Dale said...

Definitely keep the name for the next time Jill. I think it's a winner.