Symphony In Blue

Melinda June recently posted about how some Brits don't get country music. What?!

In the comment thread that followed, Bubs from Sprawling Ramshackle Compound wondered what was wrong with them the same way that I would. (Check out his current post about a unique KISS tribute band and shake your head along with me.)

As I've said before (and who am I if I don't repeat myself over and over?), people that put a blanket over a whole genre without giving it a fair shake are not my people. Off the ark please.

Bubs mentioned a film called Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus and described it as an alt-country paean to the South. The BBC produced it so someone had something on their mind I guess and I'm glad they did. Check the link above for more information on the film, you'll be glad you did.

The film features great music, beautiful and haunting sights and great stories and glimpses into some different journeys. My next stop will be to search for Harry Crews books and audio books if he's done any.

Passion of the Dale cross promotional tie in moment -- Seeing this film reminded me that my mother has a statue of the Virgin Mary in her bedroom. It's about 3 feet high and quite lovely as statues go. How can you go wrong when you've got a Virgin Mary blue decorating scheme on the go?

The statue came to her when the Church was being renovated a few years back. If it had made it to my parents' bedroom some years earlier, we might have had a much smaller family.

Although mom remains devoutly religious to this day, she's not entirely impractical. She often hangs clothes off it now.

Oh Mary don't you weep.


justacoolcat said...

Hail Mary, of musical grace.
Our Lord rocks with thee.
Blessed art thou among Handsomes,
and dry the fruit of thy looms,
with breezes.

Thanks for the tiny kiss to build a dream on and now I have to go to confession.

echo said...

It's overgeneralization. I like Steve Earle, Peter Yorn, Jenny Lewis, and others, but can't stand pop-country in the same way I despise some everyday pop music. People who don't have exposure tend to think Achey Breaky Heart is typical country music... So, I think when they say they like "anything but country" it's because Billy Ray Cyrus and company are what they think country is. Ask them about specific bands and see how they respond...

As for the 3 foot Virgin Mary...sweeet!

Anonymous said...

There is merit in most music genres, even KISS - Paul Stanley has a wonderful voice, he played Phantom in "The Phantom of the Opera". The only exception to the "all music has merit" thing is rap - IT SUCKS.

Cup said...

Let me know what you think of Harry Crews. I like his work.

And I need to see a photo of the Virgin Mary clothing stand, dammit.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of country music, but I am a huge fan of the very clever and talented Brit Lloyd Cole, who has a song called "Why I Love Country Music."

And just yesterday in the car I heard "Hot Dog," the country song by Led Zeppelin off In Through the Out Door. I really dig it.

Erik said...

I used to LOVE Kenny Rogers when I was a kid (don't ask me why, I still don't know), but I sorta fell into that "I like anything but country trap" for a couple decades. Until I heard Jim White. And 16 Horsepower. And the Handsome Family. And Mary Gauthier.

Harry Crews is great, btw. And a tip: if you haven't checked out Tim Franklin, add "Smonk" to your reading list. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Beth: you need to post a picture of this statue/clothes hanger. I sometimes use the vacuum handle, never thought about a Virgin Mary statue. I think I'm gonna hit some garage sales this weekend looking for one.

Old Lady said...

You have to admit that all music has it's merits. Today's country has opened an audience to country/folk music that would have been tought as an unreachable audience a few years back. The cross over lines are thin in places. If not for this fusion I seriously believe that greater music, like the original music collaberation composed and performed for the movie sound track "O Brother Were Art Thou" would not have come to fruition. I also believe that the indie market would not have opened up without the "new" country. Great artistist like Vince Gill have placed their time and effort into the revival of the older style country music that I love. I have to admit I like pop music, along with all other genres, some music I simply love.

Dale said...

You're probably still in there Coolcat. I know you've done some sinnin'. That poem for example.

You're right Echo, it's the exposure and overgeneralization. I obviously don't like everything I hear but I'm willing to try different things just the same not lump it all together.

That goes for rap too Mick Gordon, whoever you may be. Some of it is good, it has rhythm and rhyme and it's not all about the hatin'. I know Paul did the Phantom but that's only because the role of the walrus had already been taken.

I'll keep you posted Beth on the Crews. I'm going to have to call my sister and see if she can get a photo of it without my mother damning her to hell. I think she's visiting this weekend (they live pretty far away from me).

The Lloyd Cole song I'll have to check out Holly. Was he the Lloyd in LC and the Commotions? Hot diggity dog diggity what Zep does to you...

Erik, the Kenny and Waylon got played a lot at my house as did the Johnny Cash when I was growing up. Thanks for the tips, I'll look it all up in good time.

We want pictures if you find one Creepy! As I said to Beth, I'll see if I can get my sister to take one.

A little cross over can have a big impact as you mentioned Old Lady. Nothing wrong with loving some pop music right along with everything else. I loved O Brother Where Art Thou, the movie and the music.

Joe said...

I just thought of something. Maybe Paul Stanley could have his people call Ralph Stanley's people and they could start a new Stanley Brothers.

Dale said...

What would they call it Bubs? Glamgrass music maybe? Somehow dastardly and yet a good idea too.

Joe said...

Glamgrass is good.

The mind reels.

Dale said...

The mind reels and so do the people once the music starts up Bubs.

Coaster Punchman said...

I will pray for your mother's depraved soul. Just saying.


Dale said...

Someone's got to CP, thank you for giving til it hurts.