In a recent post, I mentioned that something I hate is a sense of obligation. This is why.

Last night coming home from work, none of my main Jews (my usual travel companions) were on the train. When this happens, I get to nap which I do enjoy now that I’ve learned how not to drool as much.

I shifted in my seat settling in for a nice peaceful ride. A lady that I've noticed occasionally on the train calls out from across the aisle Hey, where are all your friends? Not sure I smiled back closing my eyes. It’s been such a busy week hasn’t it? Wha? Oh, yeah I guess so. Tonight I’ve got a bunch more stuff to do and I can’t wait for the weekend. Me either. I closed my eyes again and willed her not to speak again. I got my wish.

This lady leaves the train at the first of the three stops this train makes. I slept through her departure and until another lady tapped my shoulder until I woke up groggy and confused. She said Your friend that you were talking to? She left this bag behind. Why don’t you give it to her? Uh, thanks, okay.

I looked over at the plastic grocery bag sitting quietly in the seat across from where the busy gal had been. Inside it looked like there was a small basket of peaches and a travel mug. I wished lady number two hadn’t said anything because now I felt obligated to lug the damned thing home with me. And back to work with me today.

If she’s not on the train tonight, I’m throwing the damned peaches out and will cart the mug around again until I see her I guess. None of this would have happened if my main Jews hadn't deserted me.


Cup said...

Where's your tribe when you need them? I'll take the peaches.

Coaster Punchman said...

I guess that's the difference between a Dale and a CP. A CP would have said "I don't really know her, but I suspect she may have scabies. I wouldn't touch that stuff if I were you."

Anonymous said...

What´s the problem??

You can make something nice, can you?


Dale said...

I rarely blame the Jews Beth but this time, well... You're already a peach. Was that too syrupy sweet?

CP is wise in the ways of train etiquette but not so wise as to realize the potential for peaches being used in a tactical manoeuver against Mama Gin.

Pinkinha - Hello. Yes, I can make something nice once in a while. But only if it's a good deal for me.

Unknown said...

Maybe they heard Mel Gibson was going to be riding the train that night.

barista brat said...

just put a handwitten sign around your neck that says "can you spare a dollar?" and people will avoid you like the plague!

Dale said...

Maybe they've finally realized I have German heritage JJ? Or it could be Mel. The big film festival's just starting, he could be greasing the palms.

I could be flinging shit from a spoon onto people and they'd still talk to me Barista B. They ask me for directions, they comment, they try and strike up conversations and I just scowl and wonder.

justacoolcat said...

Toss it all in the trash and atone later.

Anonymous said...

Flinging shit from a spoon...so you're the one doing that at me all the time...But you're right, it hasn't stopped me from talking to you.

Make a crumble with the peaches, bring said crumble to me tomorrow, balance the mug on your head.

chelene said...

I think it's a setup. They're in cahoots somehow. Don't ask me to explain but I suggest you return that mug.

Old Lady said...

Peel and slice the peaches, place slices in a sturdy pot with 1/2 cup sugar, cook 5 minutes til bubbly on medium heat. Stir occasionally. Place a block of butter in a casserole dish and melt butter. Mix 1 cup self-rising flour, 1 cup sugar & 1/2 cup milk together in a separate bowl, pour over butter. DO NOT STIR. Take cooked peaches and spoon on top of mixture in casserole dish. Bake in a pre-heated oven of 350 to 375 degrees until crust is golden brown.

Moderator said...

How about them apples?

Anonymous said...

ohh ditch that shit... lame... you are pussy for bothering with it!

Jay said...

Likely she'll be on the train Monday, as will the lady who gave the bag to you, and you'll be double-teamed by two crass women accusing you of peach thievery.

X. Dell said...

(1) I'm wondering how you learned not to drool when sleeping on the train. Did you take a night course in not drooling? A sleep-tape? Or was this simply a matter of mind over saliva?

(2) Your trains don't have a lost and found?

It doesn't surprise me that the lady who tapped you on the shoulder didn't think of taking the bag herself. Why should she put herself out?

(3) If you see your main Jews on the train, where do you see your secondary ones?

jin said...

I have a little sign in my shoppe that states:
"Because Nice Matters"

Dale, you should be nice. It matters.
(I'm exempt though. So, don't start with me buster!!!)

Dale said...

I should listen to you at least once in a while shouldn't I Coolcat?

Are you still talking Tanya? Duck!!

It shall be released Chelene don't you worry.

When do I add the bacon Old Lady? That does sound good!

Grant Miller strikes again! You're funny Grant Miller.

I may be a pussy but I see the same people day in and day out Shroom. I have to make sure they all know I'm one.

Peach Thievery. We need a third word to go with that and it's a great band name in the making B.P.

X. Dell, to answer your questions:
a) I've seen the way I point and laugh at others for this infraction so it's mind over saliva, I'm just that mentally powerful.

b) They do have a lost and found but I live close to the station anyway so it wasn't such a hardship. Plus I figured the girl who tapped me would probably say something to the peach leaver about it so I did what I did.

c) In line for the early bird special. I just like the way it sounds to say my main Jews I think.

Jin, I'm nice enough. Usually. But I do enjoy being snarky too. I know some sign language. How many fingers am I holding up?

Mob said...

I personally imagine you getting accused of stealing peaches when you try to return the stupid mug.

No good deed goes unpunished.

ziggystardust73 said...

I feel obliged to comment on this post. Bovvered.

Anonymous said...

dice up the peaches, put them in the mug then fling them from a spoon at anyone Jew or non Jew that bugs you then go to my blog and notice you've been tageed.

Sorry but I'm dyin to see your answers.

Dale said...

I know Mob, I'll have to update on Monday. She wasn't on the damned train on Friday.

Ziggy, I never want you to feel obliged, only bovvered.

Dale said...

Hey Bluez, I'll try and check out your post shortly.

Angie Pansey said...

You know, I would have lugged the peaches back and forth, too. You and I are nice people. Or perhaps push-overs. But nice regardless.

Dale said...

I did lug them, she didn't show and so I tossed them. They were starting to turn already (toss and turn). Her Starbucks travel mug is now in my case ready to throw at her head when I see her next. Nice pushovers. Yep, you're right Angela.