All The Time In The World

It's over.

I'm done.

I can breathe.

I'm finished work and don't have to go back until January. That's a whole year from now if my calculations are correct!

Now that I've freed up a whack of time, let's have a look at the to-do list I've been neglecting for months:

--clip toenails
--figure out which cans of stuff I'll never eat and donate to food bank
--cast aspersions
--begin Christmas shopping

Plenty of time. I'm on it.


X. Dell said...

I traditionally begin my Christmas shopping on December 26th. It used to be a day when all the stores were empty. Now its swamped with bargain hunters. I guess I wasn't the only person to recognize a good thing when I see it.

Katie Schwartz said...

look at you, such a planner.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Easy peasy - everybody on your list gets an unidentified can of something Dale doesn't want to eat. Maybe some toenails clippings for the ones you hate.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm done too! And I've never been quite so pleased about the impending holiday!

Joe said...

I lift a glass to you, Dale, in celebration of your time off. Good luck with those toenails.

Old Lady said...

Have fun!

thetruthisthelight said...

OMG. You've been spying on me again, haven't you? :P That could be MY list of to-do's. At least you only have one job to work. I have two.

Maia said...

Cast away! Any particular targets?

Maybe you could use your asperion-casting talents to make holiday presents. For example, several years ago my cousin, then 12 years old, sent me an email to thank me for something. It began, "Hey Geeti, you decaying stale piece of fish gut". I still remember it with love and pride.

Dale said...

You're a trail blazer X. Dell, you just have to be more covert about your big ideas.

Oh, Katie, help! Where to start?

But I've only got 10 toes Barbara.

Good to breathe again isn't it Bre?

Thanks Bub, you'd best raise a glass to keep it away from errant clippings!

Thanks Old Lady, I plan to. Hope you do too.

I can't imagine 2 jobs Ms. Truth, you're a trooper.

The targets will come as the rest of my brain clears Geeti. A sister of mine many years ago gave me a card that said 'You...you're so low you'd bring me a dead rat in your teeth if you thought there was $10 in it for you'. I cherised that as well. And who wouldn't want $10 I ask you?

Angie Pansey said...

Happy, happy, holidays to you, Dale! Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

PS: You haven't started your Christmas shopping yet?! Walmart's open 24 hours if you get the urge at 3AM.

Mob said...

Enjoy your time off, as well as your scuffles with other last minute shoppers.

Dale said...

I hope you have a great holiday too Angela and looks like we're going for a green Christmas which is weird huh? The weather is perfect for a nice walk to Wal*Mart for a game of accidentally knocking down the greeters while I drive one of those fat people ride on carts. Why should they have all the fun? Yabba dabba do.

I hope I don't run into any of the bunch you bumped into on your recent trips out Mob. Have a great trip and don't go all Jack Torrance on the relatives. Type. Just not the same thing over and over. Just not the same thing over and over. Just not the same thing over and over. Just not the same thing over and over. Just not the same thing over and over.

Anonymous said...

Some items I donated to the food bank:
- Chunky soup
- Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal
- can of escargots
- beef broth
- condensed milk

I buy stuff thinking I'll do some baking or make a lovely elaborate meal for Mr. Row-bear, and I end up making tomato and bacon sandwiches instead. What will I feed the baby when he arrives?!

Dale said...

To the dogs?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, to the dogs is where I'm going, if I try and feed my baby some stupid escargots...

Dale said...

Mmm, are you having a baby snail? I love them. Actually I just love the garlic butter. Do you have a straw? Hello Tanya.

Coaster Punchman said...

I kept trying to come up with a joke about the toenails and donating them to charity, but they all sounded stupid. So you get the idea.

Dale said...

I made a toenail collage piece, sort of like macaroni art CP, to donate to one of the local missions. Next thing I knew, they'd added a bit of broth and made soup out of them. It wasn't half bad.