4 Bites More

I read in the newspaper this afternoon that they've gone and made another one of those significant life changing advancements that will benefit us all.

Ladies and gentleman, the square watermelon. The cost for one of these babies is between $60 and $100. And they're selling out.

The article said that the novelty fruit was originally designed to free up shelf space in Japanese refrigerators. I'll say that it's all those triangular oranges they keep trying to stack that are hogging all the room.

Anytime people start playing around and modifying food like this, I get creeped out. If you're going to throw something at me, I'd prefer your garden variety tomato and not one of those nuclear hothouse frankentomatoes. And please don't serve me a chicken breast that's larger than my head. It just ain't right.


Reese said...

You have to admit, it's a pretty damn good idea. Saves space n' shit.

Dale said...

It saves so much space I think I'll get 2 or 3! I'm not a watermelon fan so you can't make me admit it. I want to see a photo of your fridge and what's taking up all your space.

porchwise said...

I have a neighbor who grows round watermelons and he gives me around a dozen every year and most of them hit the woods. I wish he'd get some of these seeds.

Dale said...

You should throw them back at him until he gets the picture. Or the seeds!