All Gassed Up And No Place To Go

On the weekend I noticed that the price of gas fluctuated here a fair bit.

At the highest I noticed, it hit $1.08 per litre. Sad faces all around the pumps but hey whaddayagonnado?

On Sunday, mid-afternoon, I was alerted by the sounds of screeching tires to a dramatic dip all the way down to $1.04. Wow, they're practically giving the shit away!

Cars clamoured and jostled for a taste. There was even an ambulance that ended up in the fray.
I swear I saw someone in the back begging to be let out to fill up their i.v.

Now when I go out for a ride with my buddies, who's laughing?
Nobody Motherfuckers!


justacoolcat said...

I've spent a total of 0 dollars on gas in the last 2.5 weeks. All my bike rides are missing would be those fancy helmets, jackets, and guns.

Dale said...

I know -- I've been reading your cyclelogues! Good for you. I can get you a fancy helmet but you're on your own for the jacket and gun.

n.v. said...

Jesus fuck! People need to stop complaining about gas prices. It is what it is. Like Linda Evans' hairdo.

Dale said...

Well, the real issue has always been Linda Evans' hair but it's too frightening to just bring up. You've got big balls lady.