Remember The One About The Paintah Pants?

I'm not sure if I love it or hate it when the commercials are more entertaining or memorable than the programs I'm half watching on television.

An ad I saw the other night began with a concerned looking laydee saying to me When I saw a little pink in the sink...

I immediately went to the place in my head that wonders what the hell you're doing with your noonie in a sink in the first place.

Is this a commercial about a whore's bath gone horribly awry? Well, no, it's a commercial for gingivitis. The lady continues on as though gingivitis is as serious a problem as subluxation, the silent killer.

This puts me in mind of another commercial that was either for toilet paper or the national sex offender registry.

A little girl was upset and holding a teddy bear that had been injured, possibly in some freak sexual experimentation that had happened just before the cameras started rolling. She sobs to her very warm and caring looking mom 'Teddy's hurt'. The mother caresses Teddy's ass or something with the toilet paper, they all smile and nobody ends up in court.

I hadn't really paid much attention to the ad until a friend of mine pointed out that the little girl actually sounded like she was saying 'Titties hurt' through her sobbing. The next time I saw/heard the ad, I burst several blood vessels laughing as this did sound exactly like what she was crying about.

My laughter was short lived however when I noticed the Dad being hauled away in handcuffs in the background.

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