Giving Maya The Finger

I love reading about Chelene's excursions through glorious NYC. There is bliss.

Today she went to a book store. She had some interesting things to say about how she chooses her next reading targets.

She also mentioned renowned poetess Maya Angelou. There is bile.

Whenever anyone mentions Maya, two things happen. I remember that she said this:

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!

Um, Maya? We don't need another she-roe.


I think of David Allen Grier years ago spoofing her on SNL in a commercial parody for Butterfinger chocolate bars. If you've heard Maya read any of her poetry, this will seem funnier no doubt, read on:

The wind. The rain. The fire.

The Butterfinger.

Did the Caveman know your delicious goodness?
Did the Mayan Priest exhalt in your buttery crunchiness?
Did the slothful Mastodon, upon his extinction, declare,
"Don't lay a finger on my Butterfinger?"

Oh, you finger of butter!
You proud confection!
Sugar brown roasted peanuts,
fructose, glucose, sucrose, lactose,
partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil.
Crispity, crunchity, peanut buttery--

I... give... myself... to... you.


Glad mantle of golden chocolatey hope upon my breast.

From: http://snltranscripts.jt.org/96/96kangelou1.phtml


chelene said...

dale, I was coming over here to thank you for that transcript and then this post made me laugh all over again! You're awesome. If only I could find the video, my life would be complete. :)

Dale said...

If I find it Chelene, I'll be sure to share. I think I burst a blood vessel or two when I originally saw it on teevee.

Robert said...

Dale, this is too rich! I have to post it on my blog.

Dale said...

It's rich and buttery Robert. Poor Maya. She didn't write the poem, she's just a victim of poetry slammin' goodness.