Queen For A Day

I like Queen.

I also like the way the Idol hopefuls don't seem to have any idea who they were or are now. Because it's meaner to pretend I don't know their names, let's just say everyone including me should have been frightened by the sight of the faces and hair choices of the main 2 Still Alive Crew.

They bitch slapped Ace pretty hard by telling him they wouldn't play his arrangements. It's cool to see people who formerly had integrity tell someone with none how it goes.

I also enjoyed the way the bald guy had his hooker wife pencil in some extra stubble this week and how he wore extra eyeliner for Ryan. Speaking of beards, how's Teri Snatcher doing Ryan?

Bad song choice bald guy, one only an ardent fan would know and one Queen had never performed live. If Freddie Mercury didn't think he could pull it off, what makes you think you could?

As I think back on the show, apathy washes over me (and not soon enough). Although entertaining to a point, I'm glad I'm going to miss the vote off show due to loftier committments.

And that's that. I'm lame and boring, just like the show.


gizmorox said...

Who does pretty boy think he is, trying to rearrange the most well known rock tune in history? He deserved the bitch slap.

That was the one that most made my ears bleed, but it was closely followed by Pickler's "I wanna be a hooker when I grow up" act. Honestly. Who let these people out of their caves and how quickly can we send them back?

Dale said...

I think we should line up and slap him - HARD. I thought the Pickle was passable, ewww but you're right, she did have on her down home hooker eyes.

It's time to just cancel the rest of the season and start fresh.

justacoolcat said...

I didn't watch , though I am curious as to what song only an ardent fan would know.

I love Queen.

A Night at the Opera, one of the best rock albums ever.


If I were on Idol, I'd do Death on Two Legs or I'm in Love with my Car

Dale said...

Oh man! I'm voting for you on Idol - Death on Two Legs or I'm In Love With My Car would have rocked the joint. Well, they wouldn't have because of the Idol singers but great song choices.

I loved A Night At The Opera too and in fact I'm headed for an actual night at the opera in about 2 hours. I feel all culturey.

Chris aka the bald guy sang a song called Innuendo. Remember singing along with that? Yeah, me too.

justacoolcat said...

I am going to the Opera tomorrow.

So very high brow.

n.v. said...

I would've done It's a Kinda Myaaaagiiic!

Dale, you suck for not mentioning what a great job Elliot did singing his song. That guy can blow!

Dale said...

What are you seeing Monsieur Cool Cat? I saw Bellini's Norma last night and oh man, so effing great. I'll have to post and bore later on the whole shebang.

This is where I get in trouble with you NV - although he was very smooth and good, Smelliott had a hard time forcing himself to be heard over the swelling muzak. He's not a screamer, he's a lover?

n.v. said...

I didn't hear the music, Dale -- just his voice. I'm not joking. His voice makes me happy.

Dale said...

Elliott is a happy maker. There was music though.