Senses Working Overtime

I miss the smell of books and the stores that use to rent space to them.

Where is the music of promise created by footfalls on warped floorboards beckoning me toward an unexamined stack? The Strand will sing to me again.
Magic both light and dark still awaits discovery. It is just rarely found anymore in a wonderfully haphazardly piled arrangement.

I must seek out grander examples of the hallowed halls I miss and that are worthy of such memories. Munro's will help me in my quest.


Anonymous said...

Make your own warped floor boreds...

Holly said...

I dig this little reflection, Dale.

Dale said...

Thanks Holly.

There are links hidden in that post for a couple of my favourite such stores.

Hidden links in a blog are much like the ubiquitous hidden tracks on LPs and CDs only more hidden.

Holly said...

I found two. Very cool! I never knew about hidden links. I'd say they're more like easter eggs on dvd's than hidden tracks on cd's.

I have never been to the Strand bookstore, though I've heard it's very cool. Fifteen years ago I dated a guy whose brother worked there.

One of my favorite bookstores is Prairie Lights in Iowa City, Iowa.

Dale said...

You're right but I can never be bothered looking for the easter eggs after I devour the rabbit.

A couple of times, the seasons have threatened to change while I've been in the Strand. And as for Munro's, I'll get the chance to visit it again next week after a lengthy flight. I'll pick up every third book twice and see what happens.