Pamela Anderson is going to be hosting the Juno Awards tonight and will be using the opportunity to speak out against the seal hunt. I wonder if she'll be wearing her good tits?


Reese said...

ha ha ha ha ha. I've been trying to dream up a joke about Pamela's tits for ages. My joke is going to be something like this - such and such is up and down more than Pamela's bra size.

But, goddamn it, I can seem to work my joke into any conversation!!

Dale said...

You just did Reese. Sort of. I'm very proud of you.

I threw up a comment on that Angleina blog that didn't seem to get your joke. Silly anonymous geese that they are.

justacoolcat said...

Her boobs don't scare me, it's the nipples. They are like wondering eyes, always rambling in a different direction.

Dale said...

Haha, wondering and wandering I think. They ramble like my mind.