I'm Washing My Hair That Day

I’m a little conflicted over the idea of a clean up day here in the city.

I do my part in recycling, I don't litter and I’ll generally stop to pick something up that a lesser mortal has thrown to the ground rather than just walking over it.

I do wish everyone was as perfect as me but you know how that goes.

So, during this polyphonic clean up spree, where will all the city workers who were hired this job the rest of the time be? Do they all get the day off in recognition of a job poorly done? Or will they be busy lodging grievances over how their work is being taken over?

Just curious.


chelene said...

What's this business about litter? I've always been under the impression that all of Canada was naturally pristine.

Dale said...

All this garbage about litter is quite something Chelene. A radius of several metres, I mean feet, around me is pristine, everything else is up for grabs!

Anonymous said...

just make sure to keep your area clean!

Dale said...

Haha - area secured and clean.