Just Do It

I got up at the crack of whatever time it is today and thought, it looks like such a nice day that I'm going to go for it. I'm going to haul the treadmill outdoors and go for a walk.

The radio said it was 1 degree and sunny with a slight chance of irritation should I encounter anyone in my travels. I bundled up a little and headed out.

I'm walking along at a pace just hard enough to make my heart remember what it's for when this guy jogs past me. He's wearing those little nylon running shorts that are cut high with the built in panties, a tight tank top, those creepy ankle socks and of course running shoes.

He looks like he should be more covered up based on his body type (trying hard but keep trying) and the relative outdoor temperature. If you're wearing an outfit like this in 1 degree weather, I don't care who you are, man or woman, you better be hot enough to make me run after you or just leave that shit at home.

It's no worse I suppose than all the fat people who wear athletic branded clothing like they understand what they're doing. I'm sure there's nothing NIKE wants more than to see their logo blown up to XXXL across someone's ass.

I walked for about an hour and went back inside, brought the treadmill in and wondered why that guy would just jog through my back yard like that.


Holly said...

Have to agree with you about people who dress like it's warm when it's not. I always think, what the hell are you trying to prove? That your skin is appealing even when it's all mottled, blotchy and icy to the touch? 'Cause honey, it AIN'T.

These days, because I am cranky and involved in education, I tell people to stop doing that crap. One day when it was well below freezing, a student showed up in my class in a pair of sandals. OK, it was sunny, but it was still freakin' cold. Anyway, I told her that after class, she better head straight back to her dorm and put on some shoes and socks.

Dale said...

Good for you Holly. You did something about it. I just shook my head and shot a completely wasted look of disdain at the back of this guy's head. Next time, there may be more action taken.