Unfinished Business

My recent confession about the number of unread books surrounding me here at the manse has led me to realize there are other matters also wanting my attention.

There are newspapers to peruse, magazine subscriptions to ignore, films to watch, yardwork to do and piles to go before I read.

There is so much music for me to absorb or absolve myself of. I download, buy and preview a lot of music. No harm there. But, apart from the many songs I know very well, there are at least 402 songs on my iPod which are but mere acquaintances and friends of friends. Will I ever get to them and decide if I actually like them?

Did I mention also that I'm behind in my film watching? When I am book ordering, I tend to accidentally add a movie or two to the mix, you know, to make me more well rounded and to get that free super slider sno-skate shipping.

Super slider sno-skates? Apart from the catchy name, I remember these from my childhood. They would fit over your winter boots, laced up pieces of moulded plastic. Plastic that would help you hurtle down a snow covered hill at speeds too dangerous for city streets. I never dared lace a pair on feeling the sliding sheet of death known as the Krazy Karpet fulfilled my terror fantasy needs.

Back to my regularly scheduled blog entry. I presently have 3 blog posts sitting in my Draft file. They may or may not be approved for consumption.

I'm woefully behind on disagreeing with Adam and Sam over at Cinecast, weeks behind. I know how to use my entertainment delivery system, what the hell is wrong with me?

My own analysis of the situation tells me that I procrastinate and that I like to have things to procrastinate about.

I feel that some day, I may end up as a small news item buried in the back pages of the newspaper: His lifeless body was found surrounded by dvd packaging, novelty items from the 70s and one gnarled hand still gripping the mouse mid-transaction at Book Closeouts.

I would worry about this but now is not the time. Now is the time for the potential gripping the mouse jokes.


Robert said...

For the sweet love!!! Is this post about me? Honestly, you’ve described my life perfectly.

Dale said...

Should I be checking the back pages of the paper for you? Perhaps not yet. I'm sure I've hit some common themes here Robert. Glad it's not just me.

Anonymous said...

This is why I never see you?! Because of your PILES?! Who doesn't have piles? I have piles, but I still manage to drag my carcassself the 40 kilometres to your house and skulk around your garden waiting for you to invite me in for a beautiful cup of coka cola or you could toss a book in my direction and I'll read it for you.

Dale said...

Stay out back Tanya Gardenanya. You cain't read cain you?