I came across a radio station on the weekend that seemed to be featuring a couple of rarities - old tyme country music (which I grew up on and pretend not to like) and something of a unique deejay. By unique, I mean, one that stammered, stuttered, generally mixed things up and said I'm sorry several times. This hapless creature did not seem capable of getting the songs she was announcing to play after she'd announce them. She would therefore subsititute another song and talk over it as it played to apologize for the mishap.

During the news and weather, she decided to insert some jokes she said she had 'left over' from the morning in between poorly read items. The 'jokes' which were actually riddles had nothing whatever to do with the news.

Her crowning achievement I think, was to announce in her most optimistic tone that the early morning fog we were experiencing was expected to dissippitate within the next little while. I'm still looking for that one in the dickshunary.

On first listen I thought she might be new or nervous. It was humourous but also a bit perplexing. After I'd had my fill of laughing at her in between song banter and antics, I thought I should as a public service track her down and fire her myself for the greater good.

Just as I was approaching her from behind, she announced that the station I had come across was completely run by volunteers. If any of the other non-hired help were as good as this dolly, I think the apt label would be voluntards.

But...being the giving soul that I am, I forgave her instantly and thought, how nice that someone in this day and age allows something so obviously not overproduced but made just for the sheer enjoyment and love of doing it to go out over the crowded and clouded airwaves.

To you, fair maiden of the corn fields -- Sah-lute!


Reese said...

You're right. It's rare to find underproduced bumbling stuff anymore. It's those "rock" Deejays who try to be edgy that I can't stand.

Dale said...

They must be stopped Reese!

Abby said...

OK, I have to say one thing: I randomly found your blog and it's hilarious. That is all. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

voluntard...I love that! You're so choice!

Swagy said...

It is not such a rarity as you would think, there are thousands of us producing our own electronic 'newspapers' some of us so badly it hurts to read it.
Why do we do it?
For the sheer love of it, to have a voice that is not canned, but our own true voice, just like yours.
You have a talent though, more than many of us do. Keep it up.

Dale said...

Thanks for the comments Swagy.

You're right but being so used to having all my slick edutaintment spoon fed to me, I forget there's at least one other side to the story.

Plus I'm trying to find a way to work Sah-lute in to my everyday life.

angel said...

brilliantly funny dude! have you listened again since then?

Dale said...

Actually Angel, I was north of the city by a fair bit on the weekend and the station is out of range as it transmits from a small town so I can't get it from here. When I'm back up there though, you can bet it'll be my station of choice.

Thanks for the nice comment.

justacoolcat said...

Check out this show, http://www.kfai.org/programs/digroots.htm . I think you might like it and they webcast the music and archives.

justacoolcat said...

I was going to comment on the dj too, but it dissippitated.

Dale said...

Hey thanks JCC, I'll check that out for sure.

Dale said...

All like all good things, dissippitation is inevitable.