Jamie Foxx Gives Me Worms

Except in Ray. And on In Living Color. Everything else - worms.


chelene said...

Worms is a serious offense. What are you watching?

Dale said...

They may have been mood induced worms. I saw a clip of him talking to Ellen about something and it made me wish he'd just shut up and do some stand up or reenact a scene from something.

Your rebuttal to me was way funnier than anything he said.

Same goes for a lot of people, Madonna for instance - never ever open your mouth!

Reese said...

Sorry Daley, way off topic here (maybe don't post this message) - you wrote a comment on my blog on that youtube post, but I deleted the post, cause I was having problems with that youtube. Those things tend to disappear. I just didn't want you to freak out or anything when you checked my blog next time.

see ya pal!

n.v. said...

Yeah, I heard him imploring the camera circa Tookie Williams-about-to-fry for the gubment not to Kill Tookie on my Birfday. "Please, please don't kill Tookie on my birfday!" Um, so it's okay to kill him after it? Stop talking.

He's hilarious on In Living Color. I just bought the 5th season and am now the proud and pathetic owner of the whole series. Why do I admit these things?

Bottom line: Jamie Foxx should be seen and not heard unless scripted.

Dale said...

My name is non vocabulum and I'm a tard. Hi tard! You admit them so we can feel superior not owning the whole series but thinking of buying the whole series.