Me, Myself and Aiiiieeeee

I was 8 years old when The Thing With Two Heads was released. I remember seeing it at the movie theatre and since I’m ancient now, this means a telephone had not yet rung inside a darkened theatre nor had a giant tub of nachos and cheese food product found it's way in. You had your basic slimline box of popcorn, flattened the box when you were finished, threw it at the screen and you were done with it.

This Ray Milland / Rosey Grier masterpiece movie was memorable for many reasons. It was the first time I remember hearing the song Oh Happy Day which as it turns out was performed by the never heard of them Mike Curb Congregation. Maybe this was the (forgive me) genesis of my love of gospel music.

Other things the movie had going for it – smoking, mad scientist, death row convict, motorcycle and car chases, bigotry and racism and oh yeah, a guy with two heads.

It’s always kept a tiny part of my brain from moving on to other things and so I thought I’d mention it.

I see it’s available to love or loathe on DVD now.

While I'm on it, another movie I saw that I never forgot was a horror flick that creeped me out and changed my eating habits for quite a while - Island of Terror. I shuddered for years.

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