Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song

Because if I’m going to lose my job, it should be while making fun at the expense of others, this just in:

Garth Brooks’ former wife was kidnapped by someone who was wanted on an outstanding warrant. It was noted that he was an employee of hers but in what capacity, I don’t know.

All I was hoping for was that the ransom of never hearing another Idol hopeful do one of Garth’s insipid songs on the show had been paid.

The news blip said Sandy Brooks was forced at gunpoint to drive several miles before she stopped the car and fled into a convenience store.

What happened to the guy with the gun?


chelene said...

I heard the guy was her boyfriend. Which, from the looks of her, is a job.

Reese said...

I was going to ask you if you like country music, Dale, but I realized that would be "trying to pin you down." So see ya later, pal!!

Dale said...

Since you didn't ask Reese, I like a little of everything. My iPod is about as schizo as I am. There's every kind of voodoo in there you can imagine and then some. Except whatever it is that you'll probably say 'Oh, do you like so and so?' and I'll be all 'Shit'.