Faster Sharper Ouch

I'm excited to hear that Augusten Burroughs has a new book out on May 2, 2006. It's called Possible Side Effects.

His website has been redesigned and has some pretty decent content including the first chapter of his new book and the trailer for the upcoming film based on his excellent Running With Scissors.

He sounds quite thrilled with the way the film turned out so that's hopeful news. I'm sure it can't be easy to let a book leave your mind and jump up onto the big screen.

I'll go finish obsessing over the website and then maybe go write a book or two.


Anonymous said...

yes, I read that in the EW too! I love him! Not as much as I love you, but, you know...

Dale said...

Looking at his book jackets, there isn't a Dry hand in the bunch. Curious.

The word verification is dwwpzig. Is that my rap name?

Holly said...

Hey dwwpzig--

I confess I haven't read any Augusten Burroughs. I own Dry but still haven't cracked it (what were you saying about buying more books when you haven't read the ones you already own?) and everyone tells me I need to read Running with Scissors.

I know this is a serious problem, one I need to correct, especially since the guy writes contemporary literary nonfiction, which is my field of specialization.

Maybe this summer....

p.s. Having had time to consider the question, I think dwwpzig isn't cool enough for a rap name--at least, it's not cool enough for YOUR rap name.

Dale said...

Interesting, I bought Dry on my lunch hour one day never having heard of Augusten Burroughs. I hadn't cracked it either.

A friend who had been in Kentucky saw the cover for Running With Scissors and thought Dale will like this and brought it home for me. I loved it.

I wouldn't recommend reading Dry first because there is definitely a timeline and evolution involved.

My initials are DW and my middle initial is P so I thought the rap name might work but of course, you're right, I'm better than all that.

Anonymous said...

What friend went to Kentucky? I read Running With Scissors first (when I was living in Miami) and told you and everyone about it. I'm the one what discovered him. Only I know about him. He is me. I rock!

Saviour Onassis said...

I love, love, love Augusten Burroughs! I am very excited to hear that he has a new book coming out. Thank you, Dale!

I think that anyone looking to explore Augusten's work should start with "Running with Scissors", before cracking "Dry"- it helps to know a little bit about where someone comes from before they bottom out. Alcoholically, I mean.

MY initials are DW, too. ;)

Dale said...

Tanya - You do rock and you have discovered everything great that ever happened in history but Cathy brought the book to me and placed it on my front burner.

Saviour - I'm glad to be of service but really, it wasn't me who told you about the new book. It was Tanya. While she was swimming back from Miami or some other fake place.

My initials are DW and I'm an AB fan. Hi DW!

Holly said...

My father's initials are DW while my initials are HW.

What's your middle name, Dale? Willing to share? I would guess Peter, but I might be wrong.

I will be a dutiful reader and get Running with Scissors this summer.

Dale said...

Not Peter, Paul or Penfield. It rhymes with hat trick.

I hope you won't be dutiful but enlivened by RWS.

Reese said...

I'm interested in reading Leah McLaren's new book "The Continuity Girl."

Dale said...

Leah 'arch nemesis of bloggers everywhere' McLaren? Haha, add it to your pile but I'm refusing.