Miss America

It's one of those music saves the day days.

Don't believe me? Go ask almost anyone on my link list over there and they'll tell you. At least 8 of them posted about music. Something in the air. And in the veins.

Right now, I'm listening to a beautiful song by Mary Margaret O'Hara called Keeping You In Mind from her critically acclaimed but otherwise underappreciated album Miss America.

I didn't know anything about Mary Margaret until I came across her cassette at a garage sale that I was dragged to one summer day. I took a chance on it and was glad I did. The tape eventually was worn out from use and so, I bought the CD. This was then stolen and Mary temporarily drifted out of my life. A while back I found a few of her songs online and since then she's been back where she belongs.

Mary is actress Catherine O'Hara's sister. I love them both dearly and once saw them having lunch in a little place in Hazelton Lanes in Yorkville. I wanted to go over and declare my love but was shy and feared that not only would I interrupt their lunch but also that I'd say something stupid and inconsequential. I still regret it.

Mary is one of those singers who has an otherworldly quality to her voice. It sounds like nobody else's as it lilts and caves, then rallies and soars. She has a unique stage presence as well as I learned when I saw her open for Blue Rodeo at Massey Hall.

Her movement was what I'm sure many would call affected but watching her, I believed every tilt of her head, wave of her hand and scuffle of her shoe. When she had left the stage, I asked Debra what she thought and she said Christ, it looked like she was trying to scrape shit off her shoe the whole time. What the hell was that all about?

It was then that I knew Mary wasn't for everyone.

Reluctant genius.

Like a listen?

Upload music at Bolt.

EDIT -- And if you'd like an example or two of Mary Margaret's dance style, Youtube has a video for Body's In Trouble and a live performance of When You Know Why You're Happy. Enjoy. Or don't.


justacoolcat said...

If that was a sweet song she was scraping off her shoe, I'm down.

Mob said...

My post today had a line about having a damned Rush song stuck in my head.

Music saved nothing for me.

Fie on your theory, oh Rush countryman!

Old Lady said...

Mine was "Kashmir" by Led Zepplin about 9:30 this morning. Brought back fond memories of college.

Beth said...

I love Mary Margaret O'Hara; didn't know she was the brilliant Catherine's sister. I discovered her after Michael Stipe raved that she was one of the best singers performing today. I have never regretted that rush out the door to pick up Miss America.

I started to say you wussed by not approaching them ... but, living in Georgia, I've often seen Michael, Mike, Peter, and Bill and left them alone (which giggling like a schoolgirl behind them).

Coaster Punchman said...

"...not only would I interrupt their lunch but also that I'd say something stupid and inconsequential..."

This sounds like every meal I've ever shared with anyone.

Just saying.

Coaster Punchman said...

"...not only would I interrupt their lunch but also that I'd say something stupid and inconsequential..."

This sounds like every meal I've ever shared with anyone.

Just saying.

Coaster Punchman said...

Oh and Beth, my friend Sylvia developed a huge crush on Michael over the course of about a week, and decided to road trip from Minnesota to Athens to find him. And she did! She somehow ended up sitting in a moving van with him and some other people, where he played for her a demo of what he described as "our new single" - "Losing My Religion."

I still don't know how she orchestrated that, but you're much closer so I'm sure you can figure something out if you really want to. But maybe stalking just isn't your bag...

Dale said...

She was sort of doing a one legged soft shoe routine while not moving the other Coolcat. Maybe Coaster Punchman can demonstrate? I was too busy being wrapped up / rapt by her voice to care about what was or was not under her shoe.

Sorry about that Mob. I apologize on behalf of all my good countryfolk. Although, for a Canadian song stuck in your head, it could have been a lot worse.

Musical interlude: You know the Celine Dion song from Titanic? One of the local radio stations had a lot of fun at her expense pointing out that the part where she sings ...and I know that the heart does go on... really sounds like ...and I know that the hot dogs go on... She's been hungry since the late 80s.

Sorry Mob.

Hello Old Lady. May I offer you a hash brownie? Good choice.

I commend you once again Beth on your unwavering brilliance and good taste. But, what if I walked up like a dork and said I love your work and they just stared at me with that who the hell is this ass clown look?

But then I thought. Even when someone heartlessly calls me a wuss, tearing at my very soul, I welcome the feedback. Comments are nice even when they destroy the other person.

So next time I see Mary Margaret and gang, I'm going to march right up and say ohmygodicantbelieveitsyouiloveeverysinglethingyouveeverdone and then I'll laugh like Tom Hulce in Amadeus and run away before security is called.

I am a wuss, haha.

Coaster Punchman, you talk too much, that's your problem. Have a roll. Let someone else talk. Although when I think about it, it seems that many of your friends have made comments on their blogs about you being a worthwhile human so, maybe I think you talk good after all.

That's so cool about your friend being a stalker. Oh no I've said too much. And once again, it's stupid and inconsequential.

lulu said...

CP is not only a worthwhile human being, he is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and is one of the smartest and cleverest people tat I know.

Plus he sings! And tapdances!

Dale said...

Yes, he sounds very old Lulu.

Old Lady said...

Dale you flatter me, but I must tear down that image you have of me. The hash brownie comes before the ride in the volkswagen beetle to the local farm field to park and listen to the 8-track tape of "Physical Grafitti". Yes it can be comfortably done in a volkswagen.

lulu said...

Oldest is modifying friends, not CP.

Dale said...

You always have news I can use Old Lady and I love that about you.

Yes, I know Lulu. Those who can't (tapdance or sing) are destined to a life of jackassery.

mellowlee said...

OMG! She is amazing. Thanks Dale!

Dale said...

I'm glad you enjoyed that Lee. Some of the songs you've posted have really made me sit up and take notice. Isn't it great to have such wonderful taste? haha.