Welcome To August

May I take your coat?


chelene said...

August is a bastard. He shows up out of nowhere all hot and angry, stays for 31 long days (not one of which is a US federal holiday) and then leaves without a word of goodbye right before Labor Day.


Bre said...

Yes, please do! Take my coat and my blankets, mittens, scarf, and any other warming device! Take them away!

Jen said...

Yes.. Please take my coat
It's going to be 100 degrees today

I won't need it.

Do you have any Gatorade?

Beth said...

I have to stand outside the concert hall today between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. -- the hottest time of day on our muggiest day so far -- for tonight's Tom Waits show. But every drop of sweat will be worth it. Maybe.

lulu said...

my goat? I don't have a goat, just a cat.

We're both rather fucking warm today. Instead of taking my goat, perhaps you could bring me a large iced tea, unsweetened, with plenty of lemon? Thanks, you're the best!

Old Lady said...

Now you know why we run around naked in the summer down here. We have this from mid June to past labor day! Sorry you guys are having to endure this heat.

justacoolcat said...

Well you can try, but I have to warn you. Currently my coat is that of post-July slime.

larry h. said...

I always say that when August is here, summer's pretty much over. Sort of like when you sleep late on Saturday and wake at noon, and then you do that bloody Homer Simpson groan because the weekend's practically over. Yes, I'm doing that Homer Simpson groan now since summer is practically over. Bollocks.

SlayGirl said...

Yes Please!

Shroom-Monkey said...

No, Dale.. I'm naked underneath..

X. Dell said...

About four years ago, with the weather in the upper nineties, I was driving around Maplewood, NJ when I spotted a woman mowing a hilly lawn dressed in a full-length mink coat.

I figured that if I called then, the ambulences would arrive right at the moment she keeled over.

Dale said...

Chelene, Reason #212 why Canada is cool - some of us spell labor labour. #446 - Monday August 7th is a Civic Holiday. Sorry 'bout that.

Your wish is my...wait a minute, what other warming devices are we talking about Bre?

I have Gatorade, Starbuck's Frappacinos and Iced Tea Jen, you pick.

And it was worth it wasn't it Beth? Congrats on the tickets. How many sweat drops did it take?

Well fuck me gently Lulu. We are both really rather warm. One iced tea coming up.

Naked? Old Lady - where are you? And what other revolutions are you participating in?

I wasn't going to ask to take your hat. Shouldn't you be keeping all your slime under there coolcat?

Larry H - this is why I have to declare my hatred for you at once. Summer is not nearly over. It's August 1st. Don't make me say anything else. Although you do earn one additional point for mentioning Homer.

Hand it over Slaygirl.

Hand it over Shroom-Monkey. I insist.

But instead you took her out to dinner X. Dell? Wha'happen?

SlayGirl said...

I dont' think it's your size but OK. *gives coat*

Dale said...

I like the colour though SG...thanks!

SlayGirl said...