Or, I'm Just Lazy

I had been looking forward to seeing the film Cache (Hidden) for a while. Mob posted a good review without giving the game away and I'll wait here while you go and read it.

This film succeeds on a lot of levels. I felt that a genuine sense of dread, tension and foreboding were masterfully presented by director Michael Haenke. This is quite a feat considering the nearly dispassionate way events unfold. There's no unnecesary camera movement and a limited number of close ups that makes perfect sense in the constructs of the piece.

Generally I do enjoy art that leaves some wiggle room and ambiguity but having said that, I couldn't have hated the ending of this film more. I've cobbled together my own conclusions but it may well be the least work I've ever done trying to play fill in the blanks.

At this point in my life where I find peel and eat shrimp more work than they're worth, I can't afford to spend any more time theorizing about this film. I have more important work to do like consider whether Juliette Binoche and Rachel Griffiths could pass as sisters. Maybe they should work together. Just sorting out the accents would be fun to listen to.


barista brat said...

i haven't heard of this film. maybe it's because i hate films with non-endings ('eye of the beholder', anyone?).

i'm also not too particularly fond of juliette binoche. i know she's a national treasure and all, but i think she kind of looks like a doozer from fraggle rock.

anyway - i'll take your word for it and i'll pass.

Beth said...

I was interested in seeing this ... now, not so much, since I trust your keen judgment.

BRAT! I was just about to write how I wish I looked like Juliette Binoche.

Mob said...

I'd never made the Rachel Griffiths connection before, but damn, you're right, they do favor a great deal...

Maybe daddy was a traveling man?

Dale said...

Uh oh, I don't really want to dissuade anyone from seeing it. It really is worth a look, it's just that I found it ultimately unsatisfying. And what do I know?

She may be a treasure in France Barista Brat, here's she's just a sexy Oscar stealin' minx.

You can't trust my judgement Beth but Ms. Binoche is sexy that's for sure.

There was one shot in the film in particular Mob where Juliette was in profile and I was like Wow, Brenda!
Canadian country treasure Tommy Hunter used to close his weekly television show singing a song called Travellin' Man but I think it was more innocent.

Angela said...

That tiny thing you mentioned about shrimp is so true. I just swallow the shells and legs.

Dale said...

The shrimp don't mind. Crunch crunch crunch.