Nan (The Catherine Tate Show)


jin said...


All I watch on tv is netflix or bbc. I haven't seen this one yet? I MUST see more!!!

I LOVE men with British accents....I mean physically....say something in Northern or Cockney or even Scouser.....LOOK OUT!


Dale said...

Glad you liked Jin. It's from The Catherine Tate Show. She's got some fantastic characters and there's a fair number of sketches on YouTube. Now I know exactly where you are. What a fuckin' liberty!

mellowlee said...

:) Time to go visit youtube for a marathon I think! Thanks Dale.

Dale said...

Enjoy Lee...you'll probably really like the 'Am I bovvered?' girl. Her name is Lauren. She's sort of like the Vicky Pollard character on Little Britain but with a different twist.

The shows aren't available here on dvd yet so youtube serves up scraps.

barista brat said...

catherine tate does the best 'old english lady'.

the nan skits are brilliant. i love this lady!

Dale said...

Nan is my favourite I think Barista B. although overall the range of characters she plays in the series is some kind of wonderful.

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