Pearl Necklace

My friend Lorena has moved to merry olde after taking advantage of an opportunity that she very much deserved.

She's the type of friend that I wouldn't see often but when we did get together to go to a movie or to see Garbage when they were in town, we'd pick up right where we left off.

We always spent a good deal of time making each other laugh and while we always enjoyed reminiscing, we made sure that we worked on making new memories too.

A few years ago, there was an ad campaign in the city about domestic violence. The posters pictured a pretty woman looking ashamed and self concious about the bruises all over her arms and her black eye. She was reaching up to touch a strand of pearls that she was wearing. The text pointed out that just because he buys you a gift (the pearls) and says I'm sorry doesn't mean the violenece will stop. There was more information and a phone number for assistance. From my lay perspective, I would say the campaign did what it was meant to do which was educate, show support and heighten awareness.

Lorena and I had discussed the issue having both seen the poster and agreed that it was a horrible thing for anyone to have to endure. One particular night, we were on the subway after one of our escapades and got out at our usual stop. As we rode the escalator up to escape the station, a large version of the poster was in our sightline.

I looked at it, she looked at it and then she turned to me and said very nonchalantly, I'd take a shiner for a set of pearls.

We laughed and laughed about this. And then we stopped. So we could catch our breath and start again.


Saviour Onassis said...

It goes to show you that some people are only happy when it rains.

domestic violence = bad
pearl necklace = good
laughing til you can't breath = priceless

Dale said...

It's been such a musical journey the last few days.

Sometimes a good laugh is more than enough to propel you forward.

Old Lady said...

My first husband was a domestic pugilist. I would have given him pearls to leave me alone.

Dale said...

That's a very diplomatic and even poetic way to put such and awful thing Old Lady.

mellowlee said...

I have to second what old lady said. Well put! Though at the time, I felt violent enough to want to echo his behaviour rather than give him pearls.

Angela said...

1. Garbage is freakin' awesome. Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, et al rock. Too bad they are done with.

2. Er, the title of your post led me to believe something else. I was going to get the Kleenex ready.

Dale said...

Maybe the pearls could have been his teeth Lee.

Angela, I wasn't as mightily impressed with their last album but overall yeah, they rocked and I loved them. Saw them twice here and they really put on a great show.

As for the title, I do love a good bait and switch.

Beth said...

Sad to see Lorena leave you, but good luck to her in Merry Olde. Nothing like enjoying an irreverent, un-PC joke with a good friend; loved the story.

Dale said...

Thanks Beth, she never fails to make me laugh and I'm sure she will again and again.